Mobile Legends: PROJECT NEXT taps into Eudora and Saber for Hero Revamps

As months went out, heroes come and go in the meta list. Some rise and others fall while this may be common for other players, having ignored heroes in a MOBA game is not a great thing to have. Versatility and uniqueness are two aspects that makes MOBA games interesting and fun for everyone. Everyone does not like to see familiar faces in the map always as it can lead to predictability and boring games, but Mobile Legends are finding a way to not let that happen in their game.

In their latest PROJECT NEXT, they did say that part of the goal of PROJECT NEXT is to revisit old heroes and fix what's wrong with them and in this episode they tackled two heroes that has been in the game for so long that they need some changes, both graphical and mechanically speaking. These heroes are Eudora and Saber.

Eudora's change tackles about how she has shorter hair now which indicates her confidence and renewed resolve as her backstory is also updated. Her new backstory has now details that she has accepted her elf lineage. Interestingly enough, her revamped kit will make her more prevalent in the higher ladder since players choose the heroes who are more skillful to use. While Eudora's passive, Superconductor, has not changed the rest of her skills did. Eudora now can deal more damage than usual in her first skill, replacing the reduced magic defense of the enemies that she attacks. Her second skill, meanwhile has a crowd control effect than a stun for a short while. Finally, her ultimate is graphically improved to show her prowess as someone who controls the weather. Overall, these changes will make Eudora look updated but also played more frequently in the higher ranks.

Next up is Saber, the players have commented on how Saber's damage output is very unstable, he has mediocre control and finally, he relies much on his ultimate ability to make things work. They also changed that by changing how his first skill operates, while it still sends out flying swords to attack those who come close their location, every basic attack of Saber and skills used will cause the swords to attack the enemy that Saber is attacking, not only will it create more plays but it will make the skill more appealing that just flying back to Saber. His second ability also has a little bit of difference now. When he charges, Saber will now have an enhanced physical damage than ever before. So rather than just a chase-down move, his second ability can now also be used to finish off an enemy when their health is low. These are the changes mechanically which, again, they changed graphically to fit the goal of the hero, to become the greatest swordsman out there. With this new abilities, making sure that the flying swords contribute to his damage output and create more plays that benefit Saber.

While these are the only two that they have updated today, they are still interested in knowing more of your idea, just send a suggestion to Moonton, the developers that handle Mobile Legends, who knows your suggestion may be the one being implemented soon, but for the players of these heroes, what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment section below!