Mobile Legends Project NEXT Update Upcoming Content

Moonton has revealed more information regarding the upcoming contents of Mobile Legends in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Project NEXT Update.


The first upcoming content revealed is the free skin of Miya that can be acquired through the upcoming Mobile Legends 5th Anniversary event. A sneak peek is provided to let fans and players alike know the visual of the free skin.


As we all know, Mobile Legends’ upcoming animated series is nearing its release. Moonton has released the official trailer of Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone which is expected to air in major media channels in Southeast Asia. WeTV Streaming Site, ABS-CBN in Philippines, and NET in Indonesia are the channels that this upcoming animated series will be aired on.

Four heroes will be getting a major revamp in the upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT Update. These are Hayabusa, Lunox, Lancelot, and Kagura. The mentioned heroes’ skins will also be getting a revamp to keep it in line with the new changes that will be made for the four heroes, or in simple explanation, a visual upgrade will happen.


There’s also a new main menu screen that will be added. It has a dynamic background that changes from day to night depending on the time of the day.


There will be a new system in Mobile Legends called Affinity System which is perfect for players who enjoy playing with their squad or duo with a friend. Through playing matches together and sending each other gifts, players can strengthen their bond with each other.


Moonton will be hosting a limited edition giveaway of Mobile Legends Fanart Collection to fans who will participate in the 5th Anniversary event. The collection contains different fanarts given by the fans in the Mobile Legends community and also custom avatars of Mobile Legends influencer and pro players.


A lot will be happening in the upcoming 5th anniversary of Mobile Legends. Don’t miss it or else, you’ll miss a lot of in-game freebies.