Mobile Legends Q & A with Miya


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Nov 4, 2018
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Regarding the issues that most of our players are concerned about, we’ve attached great importance to them. Now, Miya, the adorable Moon Elf, is calling for her partners to discuss them. Please participate in Q & A with Miya and provide your questions and suggestions. Miya will record everything you say and discuss them with her partners to provide better gaming experiences to you! If you have any other suggestions, you could leave your comments in the Comment Area and Miya will keep an eye for them. Thank you so much for your support!

Q: Fair matchmaking. Mythic shouldn’t match with Epic at all even if invited by friends. not fair to other teammates.
A: We are currently working on the matchmaking mechanism so as to find the most suitable fellow players with you and thus, provide better gaming experiences.

Q: Make more devices available for High Frame Mode.
A: Since the High Frame Rate has high demands for hardware, in order to provide good gaming experiences, hardware under requirements doesn’t have access to HFR Mode.

Q: Players are complaining about being tagged as AFK even if they were not. Credit scores are deducted even if they are not really AFK.
A: We have been keeping optimizing and adjusting our reporting system. A huge update is scheduled to be issued in Patch 1.4.28 . If you are discontent with losing Credit Scores, you could appeal for that in the in-game punishment mail.

Q: Wish to be able to choose for skins in events instead of random.
A: Thank you for your suggestions. We are considering to offer more activities like this in the future

Q: Have a discount on the National Flag change card.
A: On January 2020, we will offer discounts on National Flag Cards. Please stay tuned for our activities.

Q: Suggestion that the mic could work on the screen of match loading.
A: If your mic is turned up in the room, you will hear voices on entering the loading interface.

Q: When to reinstall the game and game will lead us to create a new ID and there will be a bug at switch ID button on that page which will appear less than 1 second so please change the log in mechanic more easier to log in like other game.
A: We have been optimizing the function of switching Accounts and have conducted tests in several regions. In the future, this function will be launched. Please look forward to it.