Mobile Legends Quick Martis Guide - Win more games even before his upcoming buff

A buff on Martis is already being tested in advance server. While waiting if this buff will be implemented in the original server, here are some tips to use him as if he was already buffed!

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First tip: Build Cooldown Reduction Items

One of the possible upcoming adjustments to Martis is reducing the base cooldown of his skills. His non-ultimate skills have relatively long cooldown compared to others. Most players build him Endless Battle as the only cooldown reduction item. This is not enough that is why the solution here is add another cooldown reduction item. This will feel like the buffed Martis that has shorter skills cooldown.

Instead of using Athena's Shield or Cursed Helmet as magic defense items, use Oracle. Aside from the magic defense and cooldown reduction, it will also synergize with the Endless Battle.

Second Tip: More priority on movement speed items too!

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Endless Battle and Blade of Despair already have movement speed stats but Martis still needs more as it was already considered by the developers in analyzing what Martis lacks. This is also one of the reasons why Martis' skill 2 is important and needs to have a shorter cooldown. So for now, changing physical defense item to Brute Force Breastplate instead of going for Antique Cuirass will help.

Third Tip: Don't forget to build Sea Halberd if needed!

The reason why Martis can't one-combo kill some heroes is because of their healing capabilities like lifesteal. That is why Martis will be more able to fully maximize his skills with proper itemization. Buy Deadly Blade early and you may just upgrade it to Sea Halberd later on.

Fourth Tip: Go for defense boots!

No need for Magic Shoes even though he needs cooldown reduction as early as possible. Having Warrior or Tough Boots will compensate for the other item changes made on him to make him still tanky.

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If you have already applied this tips but still finding yourself unsuccessful, it might be because of the playstyle. Proper skill management will help in dealing with the long cooldown of his skills. Wise microplay is also needed to cope with his inadequate mobility. Learn all of those through experience so that when Martis is already buffed in the original server, you will be able to dominate with Martis.

That's it for this guide. Stay tuned for more!
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