Mobile Legends Rank Party event is set to bring free skins and other in-game rewards

A new event is coming in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang this May 11, featuring a rank party, the Reward Hub event, and the return of the Johnson Mini-game with a lot of rewards, including skins and in-game items that can be obtained.


Starting on May 4, players have to complete the daily log-in task to obtain the corresponding rewards until May 12. An exclusive battle emote called “Rank Up! ”will be given after successfully logging in for 5 days. The unclaimed rewards will be removed immediately after May 12, so make sure to log in on time.

From May 11 until May 31, players can accumulate badges by completing the given daily missions. After accumulating enough badges, players may then choose 1 free skin out of 10 skin choices, ranging from Special to Elite Skins.

Additionally, a star boost for one match and extra rank protection cards for solo or team will also be given to keep the players from losing a star in three consecutive matches from May 18 to May 24.

For players who want to try various epic skins for free, a total of 100 epic skins will be open for trial from May 25 until May 27. So, grab this chance and try out your dream skin for free.

On June 1, the revamped Johnson mini-game is set to return and will run until June 21. It now has more interesting gameplay features and an added level in Tier 3. Upon completing all the levels, a free emote “goal” is guaranteed.

Players may also be able to access the Creative Workshop, a new Creation Camp mode where they can create their own unique gameplay levels for the mini-game and obtain a free Outstanding Creator avatar border. It will commence on June 3, 2024.


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