Mobile Legends Ranked Season 30 Journey and Road To Mythic Event Tasks and Rewards

Just a few days after the September 2023 huge update of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game, the new ranked season 30 began on September 23, 2023. Ranked Season 30 is expected to last for about three months so players during this duration can obtain exclusive rewards such as the Season 30 Exclusive skin of Baxia. The Ranked Season events are called Season Journey and Road to Mythic. Here are the rewards and the tasks that players can obtain and accomplish.


The Season Journey for Ranked Season 30 would have the Baxia S30 skin as the reward for players who has done 20 ranked matches this season. The tasks for the Season Journey event is simple: play a certain number of ranked matches this season. Here are the rewards per milestone for Season Journey of Ranked Season 30.

Baxia S30 exclusive skin – 20 ranked matches
3000 BP – 40 ranked matches
Deluxe epic trial card – 60 ranked matches
750 M tickets – 80 ranked matches
20 emblem pack – 100 ranked matches
7000 BP – 120 ranked matches
1500 magic dust – 160 ranked matches
S30 exclusive Profile Namecard– 200 matches


On the other hand, the Road to Mythic event this S30 ranked season would motivate players to achieve the Mythic ranks. Here are the tasks and rewards per milestone for this season.

Mythic 1 Stars: 2 ranked protection cards.
10 placement matches completion: Exclusive S30 profile background
Winning 10 ranked matches at Mythic rank: 10 Mythic coins.
Reaching Mythic Honor (25-49 stars): S30 Exclusive Personal Profile background featuring Nolan.
Mythic Glory (50-99 stars): Star protection card
Mythic Immortal (100+ stars): Exclusive S30 loading border.


The main theme of Season 30 is the continuation of the lore of Eruditio. The new hero Nolan will be released on September 30, 2023 and this will give the metagame a new shake up. Before the release of the new hero, players will still have time to adapt to the recent changes brought by Project NEXT September 2023 update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!