Mobile Legends Ranked Season 31 "Beats" Highlights: Rewards, Rank Reset, New contents

Before the year 2023 ended, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang started the new Ranked Season. The 31st ranked season started on December 23, 2023. As the previous ranked season ended, players got rewards depending on the rank they achieved. Then, the ranks reset based on the placement of the players at the end of the season. So, at the start of the new season, there will be a new set of rewards lined up for the players climbing up the ranks!


Based on the number of ranked matches played for Season 31, players would get certain rewards. The S31 skin is Yi Sun-Shin "Surging Torrent" which would players get after 20 ranked matches. The highest number of matches with rewards will be reaching the 200 matches milestone, in which the reward would be the S31 exclusive Profile Namecard. Here are the other milestone rewards.

• 3000 BP – 40 ranked matches
• Deluxe epic trail card – 60 ranked matches
• 750 M tickets – 80 ranked matches
• 20 emblem pack – 100 ranked matches
• 7000 BP – 120 ranked matches
• 1500 magic dust – 160 ranked matches

For the Road to Mythic event this S31, the tasks and rewards are as follows:

• For reaching Mythic 1 Stars - Players get 2 ranked protection cards.
• On completing 10 placement matches - exclusive S31 profile background.
• Winning 10 ranked matches at Mythic rank - 10 Mythic coins.
• Reached Mythic Honor (25-49 stars) – S31 Exclusive Personal Profile background
• Reached Mythic Glory (50-99 stars): Star protection card
• Reached Mythic Immortal (100+ stars): Exclusive S31 loading border.


Since it is also the last month of the year, the game released an Annual Ranked Skin. This year, it would be Faramis “Infernal Magister” that was made available this Season 31. Players who achieved Mythic rank for 4 seasons will be able to obtain this skin. Other season events like Ranked Season First Recharge is also continued.


Players who recharge at least 20 diamonds this Season 31 will get the S31 First Recharge Avatar Border. Meanwhile, the recharge discounted skin this S31 is Guinevere “Elegant Butterfly”. Players can recharge any amount this S31 to be able to buy that skin for as low as 100 Diamonds. The name-change card discount reward for recharging for 3 different days this S31 is also available, with a discounted price of 50 diamonds.

Those are the highlights for this new Ranked Season 31. This current ranked season is expected to last for about 3 months before the rank resets again. Players are encouraged to start climbing up the ranks as soon as possible in order to get to the highest rank tier and maximize the rewards.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!