Mobile Legends Rapid Boots Guide - This item has a side effect!

In this item guide, we will review the item Rapid Boots. Some might not notice that this item has a passive and some who might notice it but did not understand the effect of the passive. Read this guide to know more...

Rapid Boots $850

UNIQUE STAT: +80 Movement Speed
UNIQUE PASSIVE: Side Effect healing or taking damage slows hero's movement speed by 40 points. Lasts 5 seconds.

Boots + 600 gold
COST: 850

SELL: 510

CATEGORY: Movement


This item was previously has a stat of 100 then to 90 then currently its 80 movement speed. Also, it only costs 750 gold before.

What is the use of this item?

This gives the most movement speed stat among all items in movement category. The rest only gives 40 mov spd while this item gives 80 mov spd.

It means that this item is used for faster movement around the map. Faster lane switch. Faster movement from lane to jungle and vice versa. Faster movement from base to the lane or jungle area.

How about the Passive?

The name of the passive already tells everything. Rapid Boots has side effect. When you are dealing or taking damage, the item holder will be slowed by 40.

That means it has no difference by this time with the other boots.

80 - 40 = 40 which is similar with what other boots gives.

Example: For Grock Users who tried using this item, did you notice that you are slowed down when you are being attacked by a jungle monster even if you are not using your skill 1? In teamfights, some might not feel it because it is normal that Grock will be slowed when charging Skill 1 and Grock has a passive that boosts his own movement speed when near a wall or turret.

But the main point here is that you are slower when dealing or taking damage rather than when simply walking around the map. That is because of the side effect of the Rapid Boots.

Previously it is better than other boots when it has a stat of 100 and 90 because the side effect just halved the stat given by Rapid Boots. 50 and 45 is higher than 40, isn't it? The 750 gold cost is also reasonable. But now that the side effect reduces it to 40 similar with other boots, its popularity decreases.

Why does this item is still effective despite of the side effect?

The reason maybe lies on the fact that this game is greatly affected by mobility. Compared to other boots, it gives the highest movement speed stat that can be further be boosted by percentage movement speed stat from emblems. The same reason why Fanny and Ling is good as long as they are not countered. The same reason why Layla is not META. That maybe is enough reason for players to still purchase this item in spite of its side effect.

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