Mobile Legends Re-Patch 1.5.62 - Revamped Argus, Bane, and Beatrix Fixed!

After a week of the Patch 1.5.62, the developers decided to fix some unexpected outcomes of the adjustments. The seemingly nerfed Argus was now buffed and the overpowered Bane and new hero Beatrix are nerfed. Here are the changes to these heroes!

1. Revamped Argus - Buff

images (24).jpeg

Argus' performance in the Official Server has fallen far from what the developers intended. To resolve this, they've decided to buff his Passive and Skill 2, bringing a balanced level of strength back to the Dark Angel.

[Passive] (↑):

Total Damage Physical Bonus for Enhanced Basic Attacks: 260% → 270%

Greatly increased the extent to which enhanced Basic Attacks grow in power as Attack Speed increases.

Greatly reduced the backswing time of enhanced Basic Attacks.

[Skill 2] (↑):

Physical Attack Bonus for the Damage dealt over time: 10% → 16%

The issue on his passive which has slower animation compared to before was now fixed! The developers even added damage boost. With proper build, Revamped Argus will now be really better.

2. Bane - Nerf

images (23).jpeg

The developers are overjoyed to see how popular magic equipment builds are for Bane. At the moment, though, it seems he's far stronger with magic equipment than physical equipment. In addition to resolving this, they also fixed an issue with Bane's Skill 1 and Skill 2 cooldowns; from now on, his late-game cooldowns won't be reduced so much. These adjustments were made to hopefully will make both physical and magic equipment builds viable for Bane.

[Skill 1] (↑):
Fixed an issue where, following death, cooldown reductions would fail to take effect.

[Skill 2] (↓):
Fixed an issue where, following death, cooldown reductions would fail to take
Cooldown: 7.5-4.5s → 9-6s
Cooldown Reduction from each point of Magic Power: 0.08% → 0.05%
Magic Power Bonus for HP Regen: 200% → 150%

[Ultimate] (↓):
Magic Power Bonus: 200% → 150% effect.

The bonus effects provided by Magic Power stats to Bane have now been reduced so that players might try building him differently rather than just with Magic Items.

3. Beatrix - Nerf

Beatrix's unique Basic Attack mechanism means that, in certain circumstances, she can benefit more from Basic Attacks than the average Marksman. In this round of updates, the mainly focus is on Beatrix's destructive power against non-hero units, working to make her strength more balanced in certain situations.

[Basic Attack](↓):
Reduced her damage dealt to Turrets (excluding Nibiru).
Reduced the amount of HP she gains from Physical Lifesteal (excluding Nibiru)
Damage to creeps: 60% → 50%
Damage Decay Ratio when hitting same target with Wesker: 60% → 50%

These adjustments to Beatrix were minimal compared to the adjustments of Argus and Bane. Overall, these changes were immediately applied to maintain a balance with the other existing heroes.

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