Mobile Legends Reforge Your Legend 2022 - Moskov wins the voting and will be revamped next year!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang let their players have a say on what heroes they want to be revamped. This is done via an in-game voting event called Reforge Your Legend. Last year, the winner was Hanabi and is expected for her revamped version to be released soon. This year, Moskov is the champion in the voting and thus, the plans for his revamp is being made. Revamped Moskov release might be sometime next year.


In the official Facebook page of ML: BB, they already announced that Moskov is the winner of the latest "Reforge Your Legend" event. This means Moskov is guaranteed to be in-line of the heroes to be revamped. This event is also the basis on what other heroes should be revamped. The batch revamp for Karina, Sun, and Minotaur was also decided with the help of Reforge Your Legend event.


There is also a post about Moskov's current statistics in Mythic V and above. From November 14-20, matches with Moskov totalled to 4,271,054 and accumulated 92,064 savages. There is also a useful stat which is the most used item. The statistics shows that Moskov's most used item is Berserker's Fury. Some players first build Scarlet Phantom after boots and this stats shows that most prefers to drop Scarlet Phantom for the sake of not removing Berserker's Fury in their limited build sets.


This shows that Moskov is really popular and has fans but they want Moskov to be improved. Even after several adjustments, Moskov is still yet to be a staple pick in the professional tournaments. Revamped Karina showed more popularity in the professional league after getting revamped after the Reforge Your Legend event. Revamped Hanabi is yet to show its impact and now, Revamped Moskov is in the plans. Time will tell if those two marksman heroes will also be a top pick in competitive scene just like Karina after their Reforge Your Legend Revamp!

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