Mobile Legends Revamped Aurora Quick Guide: Tips on her skills combo, item build, and more

Revamped Aurora was released in the official server of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game last January 31, 2024. It still received some further rebalancing this February 2024. As the current metagame is starting to stabilize in preparation for the upcoming professional tournaments, players have also already figured out how to play the Revamped Aurora well. In this guide, there will be tips about her skills combo, item build, and other preparation and gameplay tactics in the current metagame.


Before thinking of the item build, players should first know her skill combos to be familiar with how Aurora is played nowadays. Her skill 2 has been revamped in order for it to be an AOE (area-of-effect) type of skill to control more heroes instead of being a single-target before. The previous combo is Aurora uses skill 2 first since it is easier to hit because of its lock-target aiming before launching her ultimate skill then skill 1. Without her ultimate skill, Aurora can now control more enemy heroes with skill 2. Players can go with skill 2 first before skill 1 in laning versus an opposing hero but with the minion wave, Aurora can also just poke with skill 1 first. Using skill 1 first is an advanced combo that players with high-mechanics could still hit this skill without the help of skill 2 while also playing mind games with the enemy hero. In cooperative teamfights, an ally hiding in the bush could deal the damage while Aurora uses skill 2 as a signal. Using skill 1 will make the enemy player think that Aurora’s skill 2 is still in cooldown as skill 2 before skill 1 is really the standard combo. With the ultimate skill, the Aurora player needs to tap both skills quickly so that the targets won’t be able to get out of the ultimate skill’s AOE.


Now for the item build, it will now be easier to understand why Enchanted Talisman and Lightning Truncheon are her core items. The rest of the item slots are optional. Full damage build goes with Arcane Boots, Holy Crystal, and Bloodwings. Fleeting Time is also a good option for extra cooldown reduction and it helps her spam her ultimate skill more. For the battle spell, Flicker is recommended for mobility as the movement speed boost proc from Lightning Truncheon won’t be enough. Her passive also gives her an opportunity to reposition on teamfights that’s why full damage build on her seems a decent standard build option. These are the same item recommendations from her Hero Spotlight video posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel. Flicker can also be part of her skill combo and it can be aggressively used to dash in and reach backline targets to hit skill 2 and ultimate skill.

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