Mobile Legends Revamped Hanabi Hero Spotlight - Before and After Comparisons Trailer and Pro Tips

Guild of Guardians
The long wait will soon be over as the Revamped Hanabi is finally coming to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang original server to be releases globally. The official YouTube channel of ML: BB posted a hero spotlight video that showed the revamps in terms of visuals and skills for the hero, Hanabi. This revamped version of the marksman hero will be released along with the regular monthly patch note update in original server.


For the changes in her skills, her previous passive and skill 1 are swapped. Thus, her attacks will now bounce and won't require mana anymore. Meanwhile, the crowd control immunity she has when her shield is up will now be her skill 1, and it can be more activated every now and then as an active skill.


For her skill 2, it now marks target so that the bounce damage will still deal max damage ignoring the diminishing factor by her new passive skill. Finally, her ultimate skill will have better animation so it will be easier to land and hit. This also benefits from her new passive skill.


There are also a preparation guide shown in the hero spotlight video. Recommended spell is Inspire while the recommended emblem talent is Weakness Finder. For the items, she is recommended to go for attack speed items like Swift Boots, the Corrosion Scythe plus Demon Hunter Sword item combo, Golden Staff, and finish it off for more attack power from Blade of Despair and Penetration from Malefic Roar.

Revamped Hanabi is going to be released on December 20, 2022. Her normal rarity skin, Resplendent Iris, also received revamped visuals. The release of these two will come along the official server update for the month of December 2022 on the same date and will be before the current Ranked Season end.

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