Mobile Legends Revamped Hanabi Preview - Permanent Bounce mechanic and Higher Hit Rate

A hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML: BB) has an upcoming revamp and it is for the popular hero, Hanabi. She is a marksman hero that won the voting in their "Reforge Your Legend" event done almost a year ago. In the official Facebook page of ML: BB, there was a preview posted with several images with insights about the revamped Hanabi ideas.


The preview showed two major features on the revamp. First is the Permanent bounce mechanic and second, the Higher Hit Rate for her skills. She will now gain a permanent bounce mechanic because the bounce effect on her skill 1 will be shifted into her passive. Meanwhile, the shield in her passive will be shifted to her skill 1. The Permanent Bounce Mechanic applies to all Hanabi's projectiles, not just basic attacks, and it includes her ultimate skill.


The spread and control mechanics of her ultimate skill will stay the same. With the Bounce, it will be easier for her to hit and control multiple targets. The damage and control effects will also be separated thus the spread and bounce will be two different mechanics.


These are the highlights of the recent update about the upcoming Hanabi revamp. There might be more sneak peeks in the future to tell the players about the details of this revamp. The current announced skill revamp ideas are expected to change the current metagame performance of Hanabi so this is really something to look forward to.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!