Mobile Legends Revamped Helcurt and Masha Experimental Adjustments featured in the test server

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game continues to tweak the fighter hero Masha as the previous adjustments can’t meet the game’s expectations. Another hero that the game is currently adjusting is Helcurt which will receive a revamp. In Patch Notes 1.8.60 Advanced Server, Helcurt continues to receive regular adjustment so it will be balanced once released globally via an original server update. In this update, they added some more damage back to Revamped Helcurt while reconstructing Masha’s skills effect and here are the details.


1. Masha Experimental Adjustments

The previous adjustments didn't meet expectations, and thus, the game is still trying to make Masha the one who leads the charge and fights bravely in a crowd. While she had high damage, she couldn't get much out of defense equipment, making her very vulnerable when she was strongest on her last HP bar. In this patch, Masha will enhance herself each time she loses an HP bar and reset her Ultimate so she can spam skills. The game also optimized her Energy Regen to give her better control over her HP.

When Masha only has two HP bars left, the duration of control effects on her will be reduced by 50% and skills will only require half of their original HP Cost to cast. When Masha only has one HP bar left, she becomes immune to control effects and doesn't need to spend HP to cast skills.

[Skill 1]
Passive: Masha gains Power of the Wild which causes her Basic Attacks to deal extra Physical Damage equal to a percentage of the enemy's Max HP.
Active: Masha spends some HP to increase her Movement and Attack Speed, enhance the next two Basic Attacks, increase the extra damage from Power of the Wild, and gain extra Energy.

[Skill 2]
Masha spends some HP to roar at enemies, dealing Physical Damage and reducing their Attack Speed.

Masha spends some HP to lunge at an enemy hero (immune to control effects during the lunge), dealing Physical Damage, slowing them, and knocking back nearby enemies. The cooldown of this skill will be reset each time Masha loses an HP bar.

[Special Skill] (↑)
Masha gains Energy when dealing damage and can accumulate up to 100. She gain
s a great amount of Energy when hitting with her Skill 1. After leaving combat for 3s, Masha can spend 50 Energy to recover a full HP bar.

All of Masha’s active and passive skills are adjusted. Her passive received new effects depending on how many HP bars she has left. Her skill 1 is meant as damage skill, her skill 2 to reduce enemy’s attack speed, ultimate skill is a crowd control skill, and her special skill receives a buff. The special skill mechanic both has passive and active effects. When actively triggered, she recovers an HP bar while she can gain Energy passively.


2. Revamped Helcurt readjustments

Revamped Helcurt's burst damage was quite low, while his skills recharge quickly when he's out of enemy sight. This has made it too difficult for him to kill enemies in even situations, but too easy for him to quickly farm enemies once the team has gained an economic advantage. Therefore, the game intends to solve this problem by increasing his burst damage and slowing the rate at which his skills recharge.

[Passive] (↓)
HP Regen in Stealth: Removed 20 Base HP Regen

[Skill 1] (~)
Damage: 75-150 +35% Total Physical Attack >> 150-300 +70% Total Physical Attack
Cooldown decrease speed in Stealth: 4 >> 3 times
No longer terrifies Creeps

[Skill 2] (~)
Damage Bonus: 40% Extra Physical Attack >> 50% Extra Physical Attack
Charge speed in Stealth: 1 stack per 1 second >> 1 stack per 1.5 seconds

Helcurt’s skill 1 received an increased damage on both its base damage and bonus damage from Total Physical Attack stat. The damage bonus on its skill 2 is also increased. Overall, the increase in his burst damage will be felt with more Extra Physical Attack stats that can mainly be obtained from Item builds.

These are the breakdown of the latest adjustments to Revamped Helcurt and new experimental adjustments to Masha. These adjustments are still exclusive to the test server currently with the expectation that a change will come in the official server once these changes are deemed balanced. The new metagame in the original server from the recent official server update isn’t a month old yet so there may be more advanced server updates coming up to tweak not only these heroes but some other more.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!