Mobile Legends Revamped Leomord Inferno Soul Limited-time Epic skin is back via Lucky Box Event

It has been a while since the hero Leomord received a revamp in his lore and visuals. But not all skins of Leomord have been fully revamped so this time, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game released a revamped version of his epic skin, Inferno Soul. A preview of this skin is posted in the official YouTube channel of MLBB and the actual contents can also now be seen in-game.


Incorporating the necrokeep concept, Leomord in this skin now looks like a knight from the Inferno rather than being fiery himself. His pale face exemplifies this along with a grayish-white hair. The fiery concept though is still kinda retained as his crown is color red along with his armor that has a touch of scarlet and black.


For the skill effects, the main color used is the red-orange combination that signifies lava. The splash effects are also now more of charcoal's scattering around filled with red and black aura. His ultimate skill is the highlight of the skill effects as it also improves the animation of his skill 1 and skill 2. His horse will look like just a fire silhouette at first but once they've met, Leomord will mount on it and they will both look like covered in flames.

Here is the official preview of this skin:

This skin is now available in-game via the Lucky Box Event. This event can be seen in the Events Tab and for those players who are already familiar with it, it was the event where Crystals of Aurora would be used to draw after excluding four rewards. Inferno Soul is tagged as a Limited-time Epic skin so make sure to not miss out on events like this.

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