Mobile Legends Revamped Saber Guide for Jungler Role - Signature Rotation Explained!

Saber is one of the six heroes that was currently revamped for the first phase of Project Next. The recent patch note also revealed the intention of the developers to have a Jungler Role. Saber is suitable for this role. His first skill also gives him a signature jungle rotation that most heroes cannot do. It will be explained further in the latter part of this guide.

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Let us begin first with the changes made to Saber.

Revamped Hero: Wandering Sword Saber

Hero Feature:
A Master of Swords in Search of Himself
Passive - Enemy's Bane: Saber's damage reduces Physical Defense of enemies.

Skill 1 - Flying Sword:

Saber shoots out 5 flying swords, with each sword dealing Physical Damage. After circling around Saber for a period of time, the swords will fly back to Saber. When Saber deals damage with Basic Attack or skills during the circling period, he will shoot a sword to the target, dealing Physical Damage to the main target. Damage to other targets on the path decays. The Cooldown of [Charge] is reduced.

Skill 2 - Charge:

Saber charges towards a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the way. Saber gains an enhanced Basic Attack after the charge, dealing Physical Damage and slowing the target.

Ultimate - Triple Sweep:

Saber dashes toward an enemy hero and knocks the target airborne. During this period, Saber launches 3 consecutive blows in quick succession. The first two blows deal Physical Damage, whereas the third blow deals extra Physical Damage.

Just by looking at his skill set, Saber's potential as a jungler can be seen. His skill 2 can help him rotate fast. The enhanced basic attack is also good. It also synergizes with his skill 1. Every flying sword that he uses to deal damage will reduce the cooldown of his skill 2.

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Let's move on to the recommended preparation set-up:

Emblem: Jungle
  • Put 3 pts to Damage to Monsters and Attack Speed. Use Veteran Hunter Talent.
Spell: Retribution

  • Raptor Machete
  • Magic Shoes
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Hunter's Strike
  • Blade of Despair
  • Rose Gold Meteor
Now for the rotation, this seems his signature since most heroes can not do this rotation.

Step 1: Go to the location of the Rockursa then buy Hunter's Knife.

Step 2: Use skill 1 when the Fiend and then attack the Rockursa.

Step 3: Make them meet at the intersection area of their range so that you can attack them both at the same time.

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This steps will be hard to be executed by most assassins. They require a skill just like Saber's skill 1. Maybe Gusion can because of his skill 2 but he better go for the purple buff first because he need it more.

The next step would be taking the purple buff next. If the lane is undefended which can be a case especially in solo queue, get some gold and exp from the minions first. Even though you will get less because you purchased Hunter's Knife, it is better than nothing.

Then after the purple buff, you can use skill 2 to dash towards the Scaled Lizard and kill it. Then help top lane to secure gold crab if still available or ambush the enemy to get first blood.

That's it for this guide. Hope you learned something. Stay tuned for more.