Mobile Legends Revamped Skin Martis "God of War" coming up on the next original server update

The recent buffs on the hero Martis will start to pay-off as his skin "God of War" is expected to receive a revamp in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang regular monthly original server update. Moonton might have prepared for this skin revamp for a long time and the recent buffs on Martis was a prelude to what is coming in the Land of Dawn. The preview of this upcoming revamped skin is posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel and here are the details.


To reflect the buffs on Martis, the new skin model gives off a more intimidating look for Martis. Not only is his face was improved but also his armor and weapon were buffed. His shoulder plates and arch on his back were buffed to make it more a solid gold looking that reflects Martis' improved defenses. The buffs on Martis' damage and other offensive stats is shown in his improved look on his weapon. The shining look of his armor and weapon are also highlighted in the skill effects of this skin.


There are before and after comparison shown in the preview of this upcoming revamped skin. The most noticeable one is the after-glow of his skill 1. Because of the slight delay of his skill 2 mechanics, the improved visual effects can also be more appreciated. And of course his ultimate skill also has before and after-casts animation and splash effects.

Here is the official video trailer of the revamped "God of War":

This revamped skin of Martis is expected to come in-game along with the August 2022 Original Server update. Check out the actual contents and visuals in-game. The skill effects of this skin can be checked in-game via the Heroes Tab then tap for the specific skill of Martis so that a video will play out the skill effects.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!