Mobile Legends Revamped Starlight Membership begins this February 2023 with Saber Iron Hound skin

A new starlight, a new journey. This is a theme of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang starlight membership revamp. There is an announcement about the new rewards and many more in a video posted in the official ML:BB YouTube channel. The revamped starlight membership will begin on February 2023 and the month's exclusive skin will be Saber - Iron Hound.


The preview showed a price of 300 diamonds to purchase the starlight membership but it is still subject to the in-game rules. First-time buyers will receive a special bundle that includes a hero chest. Meanwhile, those who previously purchased starlight membership will receive the pre-revamped Starlight Avatar Border for free and can now be used permanently.


New rewards in this revamped starlight membership includes a Killing Notification, Starlight Graffiti, Chat Bubble, and a revamped starlight Avatar Border. For the February 2023 starlight rewards, the preview showed that aside from the Saber - Iron Hound skin, this starlight skin also has a painted version but still subject to the requirement and rules of the Starlight pass in-game. There's also an exclusive trail effect, sacred statue, hero selection chest, and random basic skin chest in the Starlight pass.


Here is the official preview of the revamped Starlight membership:

Check out the actual contents in-game since there is also a possibility that there is an overhaul in the Starlight pass and the purchasable rewards in the Starlight shop. The revamped Starlight membership will begin February 1, 2023 (4 P.M. in GMT+8). Make sure that the new Starlight has already arrived in-game before purchasing to receive the perks of this revamped reward system.

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