Mobile Legends Revamped Sun Guide - Tips to help dominate the sidelane alone

Sun is one of the revamped heroes in the second phase of Project Next. He gained an additional skill that makes him more mobile and be more viable in the game. He is now one of the best 1v1 heroes in the sidelane and this guide will help you how to do use him along with proper preparation kits.


Skills Review from Patch 1.5.88

[Skill 1 - Endless Variety]

Sun hurls his Golden Staff in a designated direction, dealing damage to enemies along its path and slowing them. Upon hitting heroes or creeps, it transforms into a Doppelganger that pursues the enemy.

The Golden Staff will transform into a Doppelganger at the end of its path if no heroes or creeps are hit.

[Skill 2 - Swift Exchange] (New)

Sun hurls his Golden Staff in a designated direction, dealing damage to enemies along its path and slowing them. At that point, Sun will create a Doppelganger to confuse the enemies, while he enters stealth and sends himself and his Golden Staff flying. When it reaches the destination, he catches it and reappears. Hitting an enemy hero on its path will end its flight and make Sun appear.

This skill is learned together with his Skill 1, and shares the same cooldown and skill level bonuses.

[Skill 3 - Instantaneous Move]

Sun and his Doppelgangers launch an instantaneous attack against a designated enemy, dealing damage to the target and enemies behind it.

Doppelgangers created with Skill 1 and 2 now cast this skill when Sun uses it.

Unchanged skills

[Passive - Simian God]

Enemies' Physical Defense will be reduced by 4% when they take damage from Sun or his Doppelgangers. Stacks up to 10 times

Each of the Doppelganger's attacks recovers HP for Sun equal to 50% of their Attack.

[Ultimate Skill - Clone Techniques]

Sun temporarily disappears and then summons a Doppelganger that inherits 70% / 85% / 100% of his attributes that lasts for 12 seconds but they take more damage.



Recommended Spell:

Flicker is still the best option for Sun for an additional blink ability. This helps Sun to engage and disengage safely. Lesser deaths makes Sun relatively strong all throughout the game.

Recommended Emblem:

Assassin Emblem would be the best option because of the High and Dry Talent. Put points on Movement Speed and Physical Pen. This will make him have an advantage in 1v1 situations.

Recommended Items:

1. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots - Depending on what kind of defense you need early game, choose a defense boots to maximize that item slot.

2. War Axe - This new item is also a great core item for Sun. This item can make Sun not so reliant with hitting the opponents many times. This makes his single hit damage deals a lot.

3. Corrosion Scythe - This item is also buffed and its passive now gives Sun more chance to hit enemies multiple times. The increased DPS for Sun is helpful.

4. Demon Hunter Sword - This is greatly paired with Corrosion Scythe. Their synergy will be felt until the late game to melt the enemy heroes even if they build defense items.

5. Brute Force Breastplate - This is the perfect defense item for Sun. This also provides magic defense via its passive. This makes Sun tanky enough while having extra movement speed for chase or escape.

6. Thunderbelt - This is a perfect finisher in Sun's build. This item is also improved and synergizes now with the War Axe item and amplifies other item effects too like the Corrosion Scythe.

Gameplay Tips


In laning, poke the enemy using Skill 1. Use skill 2 and skill 3 to fully engage when the enemy reaches low health to kill it.

Make sure to last hit the minions to gain more gold and push the lane and destroy turrets when probable.

In terms of rotation, only leave your lane when you are going to help secure the turtle or there is a teamfight nearby to help push turrets in midlane or in your lane.

In terms of micromanagement 1v1, hide in bush and cast skill 1 there to poke the enemy. Then, use ultimate skill when you are ready to engage and go all out to kill the enemy hero.

Make sure to look at the minimap and try to track the locations of the enemies to avoid being ambushed.

In conclusion, Sun is now more reliable in teamfight and can fit in any strategy generally unlike before that he is only viable in strict conditions. With the new item and other battlefield changes, Sun also now deals more damage to turrets and enemy heroes relatively better than average.

Try using this hero now and rank up easily! Stay tuned for more