Mobile Legends Revamped Vexana and Faramis adjusted again in the big August 2022 update

Guild of Guardians
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang made another wave of hero adjustments to their newly revamped heroes, Vexana and Faramis, as part of their regular monthly original server update. The update for August 2022 is Patch 1.7.08 and the main highlight of the hero adjustments were the buff to Vexana and some changes to Faramis. These heroes were just revamped at the end of June 2022 and here are the details of their continuing re-balancing.


1. Vexana buff

The developers strengthened Vexana's synergy with her Undead and addressed the Undead Knight's inability to inherit the Duchess's attributes.


Optimized the pace when Nether Curse is triggered in succession.


New Effect: The Undead Knight no longer automatically returns to Vexana when he's too far away.

New Effect: Vexana can recast this skill to call the Undead Knight back to her side

Fixed an issue where the Undead Knight couldn't inherit Vexana's attributes and balanced its damage. Now it deals lower damage in the early game and higher damage in the late game.

The adjustments for Vexana in this patch is considered a buff because her passive was optimized and her ultimate skill have a new effect. Her ultimate skill also received an issue fix which is about the Undead Knight. It will now deal lower damage early game while higher damage late game.


2. Faramis adjustments

For Faramis, the developers optimized his skill casting experience while balancing the extra HP from his Ultimate.

Increased the Soul Fragment absorption range

This skill can now be cast when moving
Reduced the extra HP in the Specter state.

His passive is buffed as the Soul Fragment absorption range increased. While on his ultimate skill, it can now be cast when moving but the extra HP in Specter State was reduced. Faramis is still expected to be a top tier hero with this patch.

Both of these heroes became popular after their revamps. Because of their popularity, the developers were able to collect data which made them take appropriate actions to make sure that these heroes will be balance. Faramis was already a hero considered to be viable even competitively and expected to still be after the patch while Vexana's buff should help her get enough attention to be explored and also used in high competitive matches.

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