Mobile Legends Rivals Event, Dekaron Mobile, World of Dragon Nest, Guilty Crown Mobile and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Mobile Legends Rivals Event, Dekaron Mobile, World of Dragon Nest, Auto Chess games like Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics, Final Fantasy news update, anime games like Attack on Titan Assault One then Punch Man Road to her and Guilty crown mobile.

Mobile Legends Rivals
  • Recently Mobile Legends started Rivals, a faction basedEvent
  • so what's this?
  • basically players will choose a faction namely The Eruditio and Magic Academy
  • players will have a chance to get avator border and free emotes during the rivals event
  • there will also be lunox quests for players to complete
  • which will also give rewards
  • during the event, players can also unlock free skins, double xp, and will have double bps
  • and if you have money there will also be limited tune offers
  • this event will end on June 6th

Auto Chess

  • Recently it was confirmed that the Dota Underlords is basically Valves auto chess
  • and naturally riot has a response
  • because they also unveiled the Lol Teamfight Tactics
  • the game TFT is a round based strategy against 7 opponents
  • basically auto chess
  • infact the developers in riot admitted playing an insane amount of dota auto chess
  • which they said was their inspiration for this new mode

World of Dragon Nest

  • A few weeks ago we reported that Nexon Thailand will be the publisher in SEA for World of Dragon Nest
  • but now we have five confirmed features of the upcoming mobile game
  • Since this is an MMO game is confirmed to have an Open World and the game won't be instanced dungeons
  • there will also be activities like fishing, farming, gathering and crafting
  • The 2nd feature is the Swap battle system
  • so what's this?
  • basically each class will be able to swap between 2 different weapons at any time
  • so depending on the weapon new skills or abilities will be available
  • The game has also included a selectable gender for each class
  • World of Dragon nest will also feature a time travel storyline
  • as players can travel from past to the current timeline
  • then finally
  • there will be a 200 player pvp battlefield
  • so there will be 4 teams with 50 players each
  • and those are the five major features of the world of dragon nest

Anime Games

  • Ok for anime based games
  • the mobile game Attack on Titan Assault is now available
  • the game is a 3d turn based rpg with action elements
  • if you are interested its out for android
  • then the new One Punch Man Road to hero game has started its pre registration
  • the game is an officially licensed mobile turn-based RPG from the Anime
  • players can train and battle with character combos
  • and finally the mobile rpg of Guilty crown has recently launched in Taiwan
  • the game was made by dena and based from the feedback there are alot of cut scenes
  • so its like watching the anime

Dekaron Mobile

  • Another classic PC MMO RPG is getting a mobile treatment
  • this time it's Dekaron
  • the game is being developed by ThumbAge, the team behind DC unchained
  • There isn't much information if the game will be faithful to its pc version
  • but if there is one mobile game im waiting for its RF Online
  • the game is currently in pre registration if you are interested

Final Fantasy

  • Tifa has been confirmed in a chest reduction this is in accordance to the square enix ethics department
  • During E3 Square Enix announced they have remastered their classic co-op RPG, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
  • the game will now also include an online multiplayer mode so you can now team up with up to 3 friends
  • In addition to the remaster
  • square enix will also arrive for Android and iOS on winter