Mobile Legends Road to Mythic Event - Free "Become Legend" Avatar Border!

This Road to Mythic Event is part of the collaboration of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Manny Pacquiao. From April 2 to April 15, join this event to win the limited Avatar Border "Become Legend".


In order to rewards, players need to collect "Sandalwood Bracelet" item and exchange it for their desired rewards including the exclusive Avatar Border.

Sandalwood Bracelets can be obtained in the "Reward Tasks" and "Daily Login" sections of this event. These bracelets can be exchanged for rewards in the "Collect & Exchange" section.

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In the Collect & Exchange section, the rewards can be found. For the main reward which is the Become Legend Avatar Border, a player needs to exchange 40 Sandalwood Bracelets.

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It is very easy to collect Sandalwood Bracelets. Just log-in for 12 days within the time of this event to claim 42 Sandalwood Bracelets in total in the Daily Login section.

Tasks can also be completed to claim Sandalwood Bracelets and get more rewards. Play Classic/Ranked/Brawl/Magic Chess matches to get bracelets. Playing 1 match will give you 1 bracelet. Playing 4 matches will give you a total of 3 bracelets and playing 7 matches will give you a total of 6 bracelets.

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Teaming up with friends up to 5 matches can give you more bracelets. Even playing as Paquito up to 7 matches will give you bracelets. It's that easy to get the rewards!

Make sure to join this event and not missed out on the rewards as it will help in the overall Land of Dawn journey progress.

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