Mobile Legends Ruby Soul Reaper - Get this skin at a discount by using Coupon Pass

Along with the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game’s new upcoming Coupon Pass, the game will also release the first skin that will get an exclusive skin coupon which is Ruby “Soul Reaper”. The Coupon Pass will provide a 100-Diamond discount for this upcoming skin. The visuals and skill effects of this skin is shown in the official preview posted in the MLBB’s official YouTube channel and here are some descriptions and details about Ruby - Soul Reaper.


Ruby wears new clothes as she takes the role of a ghost hunter. Her weapon which is a scythe is also now colored purple similar to her outfit. This scythe is a soul scythe that draws in spirits. Her outfit is designed to make her look noble with a tricorn hat and iron-embellished skirt. For the skill effects, all her active skills were demonstrated in the official preview. This skin has gorgeous skill visuals as the color purple is also splashing around as her skills hit an enemy. All of her active skills are also area-of-effect (AoE) skills and thus, players will also have a feast for their eyes everytime they see the AoE and trail left behind by her attacks.


There is neither a release date mentioned nor the type or rarity tier of this skin was included in the official preview. Since the Coupon Pass is also scheduled to be released this June 8, 2024, Ruby - Soul Reaper should also be released soon and if not on that same date. Other rules for the Coupon Pass and the actual content and visuals of this upcoming skin can be found in-game once released respectively.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!