Mobile Legends, Say NO to profanity


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Jul 7, 2019
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It is MLBB's unremitting pursuit to create a healthy and friendly game environment.

We always believe that the swearing words are not intentional, but the results of the uncontrolled emotion due to the unpleasantness happened on the battlefield.

However, these bad words may soothe our anger at the time but caused more harm to others than you expected.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is meant to be a game that is fun for everyone. A negative in-game atmosphere is not what we want to see. In order to bring you a better gaming environment, starting from August 25, we'll give harsher penalties to players who use profane language. If a player repeatedly uses bad language, he/she will be banned from battlefield chatting.

Nevertheless, our efforts alone is far from enough. We still need your help. Please report any malicious profanity in time. We will inform you of the result as soon as your report is confirmed.

Say NO to profanity. Together we'll make a better game.