Mobile Legends Sea Games 2019 Day 2 Results

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    The day 2 started with the Group A Tie Breaker Match of Team Singapore and Team Vietnam. Whichever wins will face the Philippine team in the lower bracket semi-finals.

    The Vietnam Team was victorious and managed to secure the last spot in the Top 4 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Teams.

    The Upper Bracket Finals is a match-up against Indonesia and Malaysia. Whichever wins will secure a spot in the Grand Finals. Whichever loses will face the winner of the lower bracket semi-finals in Day 3.

    Team Indonesia reigned as they beat Team Malaysia. Both of these teams can already secured at least a bronze medal for their respective countries.

    The lower bracket semi-finals between Team Philippines and Team Vietnam ended in favor of Team Philippines. The Philippine Team will move on to the lower bracket finals in Day 3.


    So here are the match-ups for Day 3:
    • Philippines Vs. Malaysia
    • Indonesia Vs. The winner of Philippine and Malaysia Match
    Will Team Indonesia bagged the gold medal? Or one of the lower bracket teams will take it home? Watch the official livestream of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Games to witness the first ever Grand Finals of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in SEA Games.
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