Mobile Legends Season 15


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Jul 7, 2019
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The new season, S15 begins on December 21st! A wave of Season Finale Rewards is coming! We have prepared the S14 exclusive skin, the S14-exclusive Avatar Border (pre-order and you could claim it on that day), massive Tickets and Battle Points! The higher rank you reach, the more abundant rewards you would claim! There are only 7 days left before the beginning of the new Season. What Rank do you think you could reach?

Christmas is coming! To celebrate it, we prepared “Winter Box" series events for you. Merry Christmas! Partake in the "Winter Box Pre-order" event during December 21st - December 27st (server time) and log in on December 28th to claim 3 "Snowflake" for FREE. Collect 4 "Snowflake" to get Twilight Tickets, the necessary item for partaking in the Winter Box Event. Special Skin is guaranteed at the first draw!

Partake in the "Winter Box" event during December 28th - December 30th (server time) and login/team up with friends and win 1 match/complete 1 match/purchase 20 Diamonds in total/purchase 100 Diamonds in total to get "Snowflake". Collect enough "Snowflake" to exchange for the necessary item for opening the Winter Box - "Twilight Ticket"!

Limited-time drawing event "Winter Box" will start from December 21st (Server Time). During the event, 2 kinds of box will be available during this event and a player can purchase at most 60 of them.

During December 21st - December 29th (server time), partake in the Christmas Themed Collect & Exchange Event, collect "Christmas Stocking" and exchange it for "2019 Christmas Recall Effect". The Double EXP, Double BP and Star Protection Event will start from December 21st