Mobile Legends Season 16 Theme: Rise of Assassins; What to Expect

With the ranked season coming to an end once more, it's time to dive in the latest content that Moonton will give us in Season 16 coming in March 20. The complaints and worries of the people have been heard. It's time for a new meta to arise this season. Featuring Theme Seasons, welcome to the "Rise of Assassins" season in Mobile Legends.

The Reworked Ones

So what would "Rise of Assassins" mean for the players. Well, first of all, we will be getting some hero reworks in the next season. Particularly, these 3 in terms of how they are going to be reworked: Hanzo, Natalia and Lancelot. Let's break them down one by one to see what to expect from them


This demon ninja is about to get revamped with all of his skills going to be changed so that he can have more presence, flexibility and damage in the games. He has been in a weird spot in this season so let's see what he will be. First, his first skill would have a change depending on his form. In his human form, he gets seal everytime he basic attacks and it is not dependent on attack speed anymore so if you keep attacking, he's bound to get them. Meanwhile, in his Demon Numa form if you get all the seals, you can have an additional thrusting move that will damage the enemy and knock them airborne, pretty useful if you have a teammate that will benefit from the knockup.

Then his second skill will still keep the AoE damage but it will keep on going until the maximum amounts of spikes have shown up or the enemy is not being hit by it. Pretty nifty for a teamfight where enemies are duking it out on melee. Finally, his ultimate lets you move the body to his demon numa form or vice versa making him mobile enough to either chase down enemies or escape to avoid being ganked! Hanzo seems to be geared up for the next season so if you like using him or you see the potential, give this one a shot!


Natalia will have her stealth in check in the new season as she will have a new mechanic in the game with Assassin Instinct! Basically, Natalia will be in stealth with enhanced attack and in the moment that she attacked and went out of stealth, she can recast the skill again to go stealth once more. But be careful in her movement and positioning because if she goes close to enemies, she will be detected.

A fair system in the game that brings new potential to Natalia players, and we know there's a number of them, are you ready for this?


The beloved Perfume Knight is also getting a good amount of love in this update. His passive would have him make additional damage against enemies everytime that he charges against them so make sure he leads the offensive in the game.

The Reworked Things

While reworked heroes are cool and all, the heroes make the half of the game. The additives come in with proper itemization. A player with a proper item choice is a lot more better than those who will just pick whatever and hope for the best. MOBAs are decided by proper strategy and team effort so let us see what items are changed so you can be prepared for the upcoming season.

First, let us talk about Blade of the Heptaseas with its increased passive damage, those who are using this item will deeply benefit in the coming season, while the more popular item, Endless Battle will have lower passive damage meanwhile, big nerf indeed.Next, Twilight Armor will have critical damage reduction so if you have problems with enemies that deal critical damage usually, then this is a good solution. Finally, Dominance Ice will be cheaper and having a huge passive range for its abilities! It's about time for you to pick this up if you need it.

MCL Updates

The MCL has been popular and Moonton is planning to back that up even more by having more support for the game mode. It will have a new UI that will make you see the rewards easier than before. Also, it is good to see that they have consolidated brackets, history and weekly trophy sections in one tab for easier access. This will avoid people being confused where the locations will be. Finally, voice chat and auto invite will also be implemented in the next update, making the game easier for players to communicate and coordinate.

End of Season Rewards

As said earlier, Season 15 will be ending in March 20. Which then, like every season ender, if your rank is Master or higher, you will get a free skin. This season we will have a great-looking Witch Hunter Clint as the reward for finishing this season high. So if you want what you see, grind the ranked ladder and get that desired rank!


The Season is closing in and so is the meta. It is never ending but with this knowledge maybe you have an idea what to do for the future, are you ready for the Rise of Assassins? If so, tell us below.