Mobile Legends Season 24 Preview - New Hero Xavier; New Bane and Masha Skin and Masha Buff

Guild of Guardians
Season 24 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is coming before March 2022 ends. A video trailer was posted in ML:BB's official YouTube channel that teases the upcoming hero, upcoming skin, and hero adjustments. Here are the main highlights of the Season 24 Preview.


The release date of the upcoming hero, Xavier, was announced to be on March 22, 2022, Server Time. Xavier's skills were also displayed in the video. This hero will definitely shake up the current battlefield situation.


Aside from Xavier, there will be huge adjustments that will also shake up the battlefield. Some tank heroes will be buffed. This includes Masha. The experimental adjustments of her in the advance server might indeed come already in the March 2022 Patch Note as this trailer hinted. Other heroes will also receive some minor adjustments and balancing.


About the upcoming skins, Masha will have a new one! The name of the skin will be Spirited Gauntlet and this will be the Season 23 Exclusive skin. Players who reached Master rank and above at the end of the season will likely to get this skin. The other skin featured in the trailer is the Season 24 First Recharge skin which will be Bane - Underworld Outlaw.

Here is the ML:BB Season 24 Preview video:

These are just some of the exciting contents and updates at the beginning of Season 24. The March 2022 Patch Note is expected to come less than a week before Season 23 ends. That also means Xavier might get release before the new season which will give players some time to practice and master using him in preparation for Season 24 battles.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!