Mobile Legends Selena Support Guide - tips and rotation season 15

Selena is a mage/assassin hero that uses her abyssal mark to deal high damage and her abyssal arrow to stun enemies as long as 3 seconds. For this guide, Selena will be discussed as a support role and not her usual mage or assassin playstyle.

Why Selena is a Good Support?

1. She can peel for her allies

Peel is the act of protecting an ally by preventing enemies to kill that specific ally.

Here is one of the best ways to peel using Selena

Put an abyssal trap in a bush

Example: When the marksman is in the bottom lane, an abyssal trap can be laid on the bush opposite of the crab. In that way, the marksman will be awared if there is an enemy approaching.

2. She has a CC Skill

Her CC Skill can be used to initiate a fight or simply stunning a target for another reasons. She can also slows target with abyssal trap.

3. Her abyssal traps gives more map vision

This is also one of the most convincing reasons why Selena is a good support hero. She can simply lay abyssal traps to certain location and the whole team can utilize it tactically.


Selena will be using support emblem focusing mark talent. Focusing mark enhances the damage of Selena's allies when she deals damage to a certain target.

Give 3 pts for Mastery to max out your cooldown reduction and 3 pts for Hybrid Pen so that when you can also deal a good amount of damage to enemies. You also use Agility for the movement speed and Hybrid Regen for better mana sustain early game and a bit HP Regen.

I recommend the arrival spell. Selena and her allies can also use Arrival to teleport towards an abyssal's trap location.

Her build is almost the same. Build Ice Queen Wand for more slow infliction and Necklace of Durance to counter HP Regeneration of enemies. Roaming Item is also good to funnel all of the XP and Gold to your carry hero early game. Immortality is also a good choice. For magic defense, you can also build Athena's Shield or Oracle. For the boots, Demon Shoes or Arcane Boots is a good option. Winter Truncheon is also ideal just like in a usual Selena build.

The items will be depending on how much you trust your teammates. It is deciding between going as full support or a just buying a roam item then going with damage items first before support items.


Since Selena in this guide will be played as support, the rotation will depend on the carry hero Selena is supporting.

Here are some more guidelines in rotation:
  • The ideal lane is bottom lane. Help the marksman get the red buff before going the lane.
  • Maintain a good distance with the carry hero wherever it goes.
  • After 6 minutes, Selena can be independent in rotation but she is ideally should be in every teamfights.
  • Selena may solo a lane and even push because she has a blink skill and good damage to push turrets.