Mobile Legends Selena Support Jungling Guide in the new 1-3-1 laning and new roam item system

This guide wants to emphasize the importance of the fast jungling speed of Selena especially to the new system of laning which is 1-3-1 along with changes made with the roam items.

If you have an ally Selena that is very knowledgeable about her, that Selena will definitely go to the buff's spawn location at the start of the game. Whether you are playing as the carry, tank, an offlaner, or even the Selena itself, you must be aware of the potential that Selena does.

A carry Selena can kill the buff within the 34-second mark with the help of Retribution and Hunter's Knife Item. But since the new META revolves around giving the sole carry hero everything, Selena is most likely to be played as support.

As a support Selena, she need to put 3 abyssal traps and poke a bit then gives the carry hero the buff. This will take around 37 seconds only compared to other heroes that takes even more than 40 seconds.

This applies to both buff. Because even if there is a smaller monster with the purple buff creep, Selena's abyssal traps deal area of effect damage thus she really helps a lot in farming.

Why getting the buff fast important?

  • It is because when minions meet at the middle during the 30-second mark. It only takes 3 to 4 seconds for the enemy to clear it depending on their hero. It means that the enemy minions will then deal damage to your turret and you will lose some gold from minion which is very crucial early game.

Not only the gold but you would want your carry hero to be at level 4 within the first 64 seconds of the game. This is very useful especially to the likes of Claude that can use ultimate skill to rapidly clear the succeeding waves using ultimate skill and go back to farming thus abusing the Veteran Hunter Talent. The Veteran Hunter Talent of Jungle Emblem requires the use of the Retribution spell and this was discussed already in a separate post.

Even if the carry is mage like Esmeralda, getting to level 4 early is important since as a mage, you can abuse your high early game damage by engaging in early teamfights thus starting to dictate the outcome of the game!

The gold and xp lost from a minion early game can delay your farm and also it means that the enemy has higher gold.

So it is very important to be aware of this. You can't blame some high points mythic solo queue players trashtalking if they knew that you are not aware of this potential advantage of using Selena.

As the carry hero, go to the buff location already too. Don't deal even a bit of damage to the enemy minions because if your minions or even the turret last hit it and you are not around, you won't get the gold and xp.

Don't be scared since having Selena means you can get your buff and have time to still get the maximum xp and gold from the first minion wave.

If you are a tank in 1-3-1 laning, don't steal all the gold of your carry by last hitting minions. Just last hit one minion to trigger the passive of roam item for the Selena user. It is best to make sure the rest are alive and still has highest health possible.

You may then next hide in the midlane bush. This way, you won't be stealing xp and gold from your carry and you even helped a lot by providing map vision against potential invade. Also start killing the lithowanderer as soon as it appeared.

If you still does not understand how the new system of roam item works, it's this way...

Someone has to be the least gold. No same least gold. That is why if you are all have 300 gold, no xp and gold will be given by wooden mask. The other two heroes will get gold and xp from the minions on sidelanes. The tank will get one minion. That means Selena will have the least gold. That is the way to trigger the roam item.

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