Mobile Legends September 2021 Starlight Perks - New Pharsa skin "Peony Bloom"

The September 2021 Starlight Perks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was announced in a trailer on their official Youtube channel. The main highlight is Pharsa's newest skin - Peony Bloom. Here are the other rewards that starlight members will receive.


The starlight skin for the month of September 2021, Pharsa - Peony Bloom, will come with a Battle Emote with the same theme. Starlight members can also choose to pick another starlight skin from the pool aside from this Pharsa's Starlight skin.


In this skin, Pharsa is wearing a light-green oriental dress with peony flowers as accessories. She also wears a red belt and her hair is color light purple. Her staff is also filled with flowers.


About its skill effects, the main highlight is her ultimate skill that casts giant stalks from the sky and drops flowers that blooms in the ground. It was a great upgrade in visual effects.


Upon purchase of Starlight pass, there had always been a reward of a painted skin and for this month, it will be a recolor of Granger's Doomsday Terminator skin. Khufra's new sacred statue is also part of the rewards in the Starlight Pass.


Here's the full video trailer:

The monthly privileges for Starlight members are also still available upon subscription for Starlight membership.

Decide now if you want to receive those rewards and privileges. Tune in for more news and updates!