Mobile Legends September 2022 Exclusive Collector Skin - Miya Doom Catalyst skin preview

The first week of September 2022 is full of exclusive skin releases as both the Starlight and Collector skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be release early this month. The Starlight skin for September 2022 is already released at the start of the month while the collector skin will be on September 3, 2022. The September 2022 Exclusive Collector skin will be for the hero, Miya, and the skin is named "Doom Catalyst". A trailer video was posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel and here are some information about this skin.


Miya is known as the Moonlight Archer. But in this skin, there will be a sci-fi touch and it gives off a modern era vibe for this archer hero. She is wearing a bodysuit covered in her jacket and she is also wearing gloves. The orange-yellow color is dominant not only on her bow but also in the skill effects.


The skill effects of this skin is definitely one of the best. The recently-released skins, especially those that have higher skin type, tend to have improved visual effects, based on 2022 Standards. Thus, the second skill and ultimate skill effects for this skin have a different vibe in it. It is noticeable when looking at Miya herself as she casts these skills. Her passive and skill 1 also has great effects despite minimal casting animations. The concept of battery for her passive is remarkable.

Here is the preview video of Miya - Doom Catalyst skin:

On September 3, 2022, this skin is expected to be found in the Shop tab under the Grand Collection Event. There might also be an in-game news or shortcut for this in the Events tab. At the left side of home screen, there might also be an icon to redirect the players much easier to the collector event to obtain this Miya skin once it comes to the original server.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!