Mobile Legends significant adjustments on the battlefield


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Jul 7, 2019
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Hi folks, I'm Skyhook, the battle experience designer. Today I'm here to shed some lights on our future game plans.

In September, we've made some significant adjustments on the battlefield, so as to encourage players to start the game with the right playstyle according different heroes. And we're happy to see a variety of tactics have been applied by players and new strategies are emerging. The pick rates of some previously unsung heroes are rising as well.

Nevertheless, through our data analysis (most of you must have received our survey regarding battlefield issues), we still have found some major problems:

Q1: Compared with laners, junglers farm in a much slower speed, which makes junglers intervene other lanes to grab more gold or EXP.

A: We're considering about adjusting jungle monsters and jungling items to boost the farming speed of junglers or roamers in the early and mid game.

Q2: In some fast-paced pro matchups, Marksmen are always at disadvantages, even if they have a lot of potential resources on Gold Lane. Often times, the whole team has no enough time waiting Markman to purchase the full build.

A: However, among beginners and mid-level players, Marksman heroes performed quite well. Thus, the adjustments will be mainly targeted at pro matches. Of course, we'll also do something to prevent Marksmen from being too much overpowered in among average players.

Apart from the above, we also pay close attention to other problems like the jungle area is easy to be invaded, the shield of the outer turret is hard to shred, players benefit less from killing Lithowanderer, etc.

Since we're still in an exploratory phase, we won't make arbitrary changes towards these adjustment to curb players from exploring new playstyles. We'll prioritize the issues that are obviously unreasonable. Perhaps through an in-depth understanding of the current patch, you'll discover a new combination of hero, equipment, and Emblem to overcome the tricky situations, which is the fun of MOBA games.

So much for today. Talk about your battle experience and have fun in the Land of Dawn!