Mobile Legends Silvanna Flameshot Trick

The reason why Silvanna is OP right now! - the Silvanna Flameshot Trick!

The latest adjustment to Silvanna is that her ultimate skill has a faster skill animation which makes it harder to dodge or blink away from it currently. The cooldown of the ultimate skill is also greatly reduced. The shift of META requiring two fighters also makes Silvanna be used by players and somehow started to understand and appreciate Silvanna's usefulness in the game. Aside from this reasons, there is also an existing trick that makes her ultimate skill more scary for enemies. For this guide, the Ultimate Skill plus Flameshot trick will be discussed.

Steps for the trick

1. Cast Ultimate Skill
2. Use Flameshot

Just make sure that you have trapped someone in your ultimate skill and the flameshot also connects.

How does it work?

After the ultimate skill plus flameshot combo is casted, the target will be stunned as long as the area of the ultimate skill is still active.

On the perspective of the target, it won't like be a stun since the skill buttons will still be available but when it is clicked, no skill can be activated.

A stun indicator will appear but it will only be less than a second but the stun actually lasts around 3s.

Once the duration of the ultimate skill ends, the target will be knockback a little before it can do anything again.

If you do not believe that this trick exist, you may try it in custom mode.

So that's the Silvanna Flameshot Trick! This may motivate you to use Silvanna in every game.

Tune in for more tips and tricks.


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Apr 19, 2020
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mahirap gawin..timing lng tlaga pero very effective sa gameplay..thanks for the sharing the info of new style to use silvanna.


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Apr 29, 2020
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Madalas nag papanic naman ang kalaban. Sapat na 2nd skill niya sa bilog pag pumapalag ang kalaban.

Ang habol ko sa SS niya eh yung +100% speed sa bilog na me life steal pa.