Mobile Legends Silvanna, Ragnarok Episode 6.0, Black Desert Mobile and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about the League of Legends WildRift that will be coming out sooner! Mobile Legends new hero Silvanna and Tricksters Eve, Ragnarok Episode 6.0 Light and Shadow, Black Desert Mobile Soft Launch, Ride Out Heroes and Shadow Arena

Lol Mobile Coming Sooner

  • If you are excited about League of Legends Wild Rift
  • well this is somewhat of a good news!
  • because on the official website riot games said that they will begin to roll out alphas and beta through the end of the year
  • meaning is there will be more players that can test the game sooner than 2020
  • according the the reports groups in QQ are claiming that beta may even arrive in November
  • at least for China
  • unfortunately there will only be limited alphas and betas for selected countries
  • hopefully we get invited haha
  • and to those who don't know league of legends mobile or wild rift will be coming for android, ios and even consoles
  • the game will be free to play and never pay to win according riot
  • then if you are a PC player
  • existing riot accounts will get rewards from the time they played on pc
  • however its unknown if this applies to Garena players
  • and speaking of Garena
  • they won't be publishing lol mobile
  • so this can be a good news to some since we all know about their service
  • and then for the specs of lol mobile riot is hoping for compatibility on players with phones equivalent to Samsung Galaxy A7
  • 1GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, and Adreno 306 GPU
  • then if you are ios riot is aiming to run iphone 5s or later
  • currently the game is expected to be released in 2020

Mobile Legends Silvanna and Tricksters Eve 2019

  • In the advanced server mobile legends revealed its new hero called Holy Knightess Silvanna
  • according the info the info Silvann will be a fighter with a strong solo ability
  • Sylvanna’s Passive is called Knightess Resolve
  • where she can mark an enemy then reduces the magic defense by which can last for 5s
  • this can stack up to 5 marks
  • so if you reach this limit Sylvanna will be dealing 30% extra damage and detonate the target
  • then her first skill is Cometic Lance where it can deal 150 magic damage to all enemies and stun them for the first 0.8s
  • but wait there's more if this skill hits a target, Silvanna’s movement speed will be increased by 40% in 2 s where she can dash a direction dealing 250 magic damage
  • 2nd skill is called the Spiral Strangling
  • so in this skill Sylvanna swing her lance and stabs a designated direction 6 times each dealing 130 Magic Damage
  • and for here Ultimate it's called Imperial Justice
  • so in this skill Sylvanna enters a battle state where she charges for awhile
  • then she will leap toward an area and will deal 350 magic damage to enemies on the target area
  • the enemy caught in the center will be restrained from escape for the next 5s
  • then if Silvana is in the Circle of Light she will get an extra 50% attack speed
  • and Since it's halloween
  • Mobile Legends is now bringing back their yearly Trickster's Eve
  • so what's new this 2019?
  • well first you can win a limited time avatar border along with an exquisite skin
  • as for the skins the Franco Wheatfield Nightmare has already been released
  • which will be followed by the Angele Scream Doll which will release on Oct 29
  • then if you still don't have it the Karie jester skin will be back
  • so that's it what do you think of Sylvanna and Tricksters Eve?

Shadow Arena

  • Announced a few months ago the standalone PC battle royale called Shadow Arena has dropped a new teaser
  • to those who don't know Shadow Arena is developed by the Pearl Abyss who also created black desert online
  • actually Shadow Arena was initially part of BDO
  • but now its seems it's being created as a standalone
  • so if you are interested a close beta pre registration is now open
  • then those who are selected will be able to test on Nov 21 to 24 for PC

Ride Out Heroes

  • If you are sick with Rules of Survival well good news a new Battle Royale for Netease has been announced and it's called Ride Out Heroes
  • so what's new?
  • Ride Out Heroes is a multi class fantasy battle royale on mobile
  • as usual the game modes are single match, duo and squad
  • so like Apex Legends there is a revival mechanic
  • the game will also introduce a Relicy system which makes the match more interesting
  • as this relics can be used for enhancement, defence regeneration and many more
  • so if you are interested
  • the game is already available for both android and ios

Black Desert Mobile

  • Pearl Abyss has announced the sofr launched for the Black Desert Mobile on Android
  • the game is currently available on Android for Canada, Chile, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland and Australia
  • for global players unfortunately we still have to wait but not for long since the game will be released later this year
  • so far now we can all pre register so we can get those milestone rewards
  • there are ways to download the game but it's up to you to find that out
  • maybe comment below so other interested players can try

Ragnarok Episode 6.0 Light and Shadow

  • Recently in the Ragnarok Episode 6 it was announced the the Light and Shadow will be available on October 30
  • Light and Shadow is Episode 6 is a continuation of the main story where Ignatius Cenia and here team mates are heading towards the "Lighthalzen" from Juno
  • to those who don't know Lighthalzen is major town introduced in Episode 6
  • so in this town there are various crafting, gathering and quarrying business
  • another main thing that will be introduced is the new class Super Novice
  • so apparently this class can use all the other skills of their classes
  • there will also be new mounts for classes as well as a 12 man instance in the thanator tower
  • a new area called The Life institute will also be added
  • then btw
  • on october 24 to 31st
  • a new event called Sisowath's Treasury will occur
  • During the event, Sisowath's Treasury will be available on Bit Cat Coin Store with the price of 30 Big Cat Coin and maximum 60 purchases.
  • the Sisowath's Treasury when opened will include the following: "Gram Dust" and "Nolan card"
  • but wait there's more as you can also receive random cards like Hardcover Card album remains", "Gorgeous Card Album", "Ancient Magic Card Album", and a chance to receive an additional Oracle exclusive card
  • So those are the Ragnarok M episode 6 Light and Shadow info
  • what do you think?
  • let us know in the comments


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