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    The new skin Lylia - Star Student is an Elite skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.


    Skin Model

    She wears a vintage uniform. Her hair is color orange. She looks mysterious but being a top student is very evident in her skin model. Gloom looks like a bomb with bat wings.


    Entrance Animation

    The entrance animation is simple. She summons Gloom and let it eat shadow balls to grow. What's funny is that Gloom jumps to eat a shadow ball that is just summoned by Lylia's wand without waiting for it to be laid on the ground.

    Skill Effects


    For her skill effects, the main color is orange

    Her first skill summons Gloom. Everytime Gloom eats a shadow ball, an orange explosion animation appears.


    Her second skill also shows a small orange-colored explosion.

    Her ultimate skill leaves a path of orange language characters.


    Overall, the skin model has a nice concept. Entrance animation is very good for an Elite Skin. The skill effects are also good.

    Have you decided if you will buy the skin or not? If this helps, please do share this skin critique to inform others too.
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