Mobile Legends Soul Vessels Skin Series Preview officially published featuring Aamon and Hanabi

One of the most-hyped skin series of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is about to arrive in the Land of Dawn. The skin series will be called Soul Vessels, which has a name similar to the Soul Vessels upgrade known in the other game, Mobile Legends Adventure. Soul Vessels skin series will debut featuring two heroes: Aamon and Hanabi. An official announcement and preview of this skin series has been recently published in the official MLBB YouTube channel and here are some details.


The lore seems that Aamon and Hanabi will be vessels of the soul known as the power of the Great Perils. Their weapons are also remodeled in order to portray this Great Perils’ power. Hanabi’s skin will be called Vessel of Rage with her weapon being called Peril’s End. On the other hand, Aamon will be known as the Vessel of Deceit and his weapon is named Claws of Deception. The Great Perils power will also be visible in their skill effects as they will leave traces everywhere when they attack. These skins also feature an exclusive voiceover so players will hear new lines and quotes from these two.


These skins will also have exclusive interactive Idle Animation outside of battle while they will also have a separate Idle Animation and random actions in-battle. There will also be exclusive Spawn Effect, their own Battle Emote, Graffiti, Recall Effect, Elimination Effect, and Killing Notification. The lore seems that Aamon’s power came from Beast of Deceit while Hanabi’s from Beast of Rage. The event is expected to be similar with other event-exclusive skins where players need to collect a certain number of crests to exchange for the skins while having a Draw Event to get rewards.


The preview revealed that this exclusive event skin series will be available starting July 6, 2024, MLBB Server Time. Check out the actual contents and visuals not only of the skins but also of the Event itself. Rules will be available once the event has been implemented in-game. Some information could also be already found in the Patch Notes written in-game available in the global server.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!