Mobile Legends Suggestions and Developer response


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Nov 4, 2018
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I have compiled all the suggestion and inquiry from the mobile legends developers, check their response to learn more.

Suggestion: Classic that does not scale with rank. Sometimes we'd like to introduce the game to our friends and show them the ropes or just have fun nothing serious with newbie. It doesn't help when you and every enemy is mythic while playing with your warrior buddy. The mentor system is not good enough for mere introduction/stress free gaming.

Dev: Thanks for your feedback, our main purpose to design it this way is to make players able to match up with other players of the similar skills, but what you are saying truely exists too. We have started making some adjustments on it in order to make the matchmaking mechanism more logical

Suggestion: it doesn't matter how you punish AFK players. What is there to compensate those who have lost the match because of this? No matter how brutally they are punished, its not gonna give back the rest of the team their lost stars. Punishing AFK players won't help the rest of the team anyway. I have once dropped from Grandmaster to Elite because 90% of all the matches i played that day had AFK teammates. And also waiting for the AI to be commanded isn't helping either, just let the AI work independently

Dev: What players currently are saying is the fact that extra protection points will be added. We are also considering whether we need to add more protection points to avoid players to lose something, thank you for your suggestion.

Suggestion: make it so that you won't lose stars in ranked, when someone in your team is afk or feeding. i feel like its unfair for the person who wants to climb with good confidence and strength, but destroyed by a troller. i've had to re-climb over and over again trying to climb to epic, but the people in grandmasters have alot of trollers, afks, trashtalkers, teammates feeding, ect. im not enjoying my time :<

Dev: We are planning to give the MVP player of the losing team more compensation, stay tuned

Suggestion: please dont release the roam items, i can give u reason why it shoudnt be content of the update and should never be included. reason

1: it disturb the balance of solo players, how if ur teamed up with stranger and againts team player this give such advantage. reason
2: giving way for asshol#s, when u try to farm and carry ur team all exp is needed for whole team, that would be annoying if someone is left out. reason
3: if you are in a teamates with trollers they wont give u any exp or buff this can promote trollers which everyone hates. reason
4: many assasin and marksman will benifit. think of the possibilities making match faster. making it more boring reason
5: your putting you game at its very end, since many player do solo rank or game team player will take advantage as said in reason 1, many player will lose the attractiveness on your game and will flee 1by1 Sooner your competitor will arise most will move to LOL.

(if u are in a lose streak and hardly win would u play it?) cuz as far as i see you just making more content bit you dont play your game so you dont understand what seems to be the problem and you dont think of the possibilities, the game is at its balance now yourr tending to fix what what is already fixed.!! i can bet u when those come up 1by1 theyll go bye bye.

Dev: We know that the new roaming items many players. We have also been keeping track of the background data of the roaming items. As for your suggestion, we will start making people to check whether solo queue and grouped players will affect the usage of roaming items. Thanks for your feedback

Suggestion: This is for rank. Make matchmaking fair by adding some kind of boundary especially for mythic rank. For example, mythic 1 should only be matched with lets say 10-20 mythic players and so on. seriously mythic or legend getting matched with epic-gm? definitely not fair

Dev: We are planning to adjust the ranked mode. Stay tuned.

Suggestion: I suggest that turret damage affects grade as well as battle placement significantly more

Dev: Current, the damage from turrets are also counted in player's score

Suggestion: make sun's clones visible to its teammates (some indications that they are clones). Reason: clones are meant to confuse the enemy not its teammates

Dev: Thanks for your feedback, we wkll plan to do some adjustments on it

Suggestion: Ok, this is enough, digge is fun hero in both mayhem and real games, tanky, cc, immune, tanky as heck But After first skill rework he's Literally mage, he burst Even Mm with 4 bombs, nobody use him as support anymore, and lock at the mayhem digge using him before was fun with this passive and now with this first skill he's really broken and untouchable Make digge support again

Dev: Many has reported about this issue, so we are adjusting Diggie in some arcade modes, please stay tuned for the next time arcade modes reopen. Thanks for your feedback.

Suggestion: New skin for Thamuz who has only 1 skin

Dev: Stay tuned

Suggestion: give back wizard boots and courage bulwork

Dev: Thanks for your feedback. The effects for these two items already existed in the current roaming equipment. At the same time, we pay very close attention to the player’s needs for equipments, and will make changes when needed.

Suggestion: add an option in-game to block incoming calls

Dev: This requires advanced permission, we don’t wish for this to cause any unnecessary misconceptions, if you don’t want to be bothered by any calls during a game, please adjust the appropriate settings in your phone.

Suggestion: be able to appeal reports that was proven correct by the system so that people won't lose credits for no reasons

Dev: We are currently planning this, stay tuned.

Suggestion: Make Mythical glory (not mythic) only obtainable by reaching 100 stars and make a custom border for it review the lane suggestions, marksman shouldn't go mid, mages shouldn't be side lane. And make them just suggestions instead of telling the player "well actually this role should be going here, not yours"

Dev: Stay tuned

Suggestion: change the weekly login hero every week!

Dev: Thanks for your feedback. We hope this suggestion can have an effect in new players. When players are skilled in a hero, they can adjust their lanes. At the same time, we will make adjustments to this system, to avoid causing any misunderstanding.

Suggestion: It’s a hit or miss. Would have enjoy Brawl a bit more.... without worrying the overall winrate

Dev: Thanks for your feedback, we will make some changes to this event.

Suggestion: buff badang never see him in battles, im not joking, seen every hero, from rafaella and saber to... just seen every hero except badang.

Dev: Because the overall win score has already counted too much history data, it would be hard to get part scores. We will try to do this, but it will require a certain amount of time.

Suggestion: moonton didnt bring back the two phase first skill stun for lolita so i thought maybe moonton dont have time for lolita While we are suggesting to bring back wizard boots, they probably just playing othee games or what cuz they dont even care to lolita players

Dev: Stay tuned.

Suggestion: Unique voice animations. E.g players can purchase their choice of hero's voice like Gusion to animate/voice out killing sprees, death, double kills etc

Dev: Stay tuned.

Suggestion: remove the stupid "do not attack creeps unless you're carrying jungle items" message. it's not true.

Dev: Your suggestion is a very good one! We will make someone work on this notice

Suggestion: Global chat is very abused where people tend to advertise some NSFW stuff. As the game is for all ages so the game should have a report system/punishment for those who tend to abuse the general chat.

Dev: You can report the message by tapping on it. We will have special customer service workers to penalize such players. At the same time, we are working on a new mechanism in order to avoid such problems in the chat room

Suggestion: can we see a preview of our picture with the frame(s) before confirming we want to choose it?

Dev: Thanks for your suggestion, we will work on it for players' better experience.

Suggestion: making an avatar border for eudaemon in survival mode

Dev: We've finished creating this avatar border, and we would release it in the next season. Stay tuned.

Suggestion: When you buy winter truncheon and the new mask that makes you invisible(forgot the correct name of mask) You cannot use both during the match

Dev: You can select which skill among these two items' to be used in the shop

Suggestion: Just want to say why some of her blocking skill cannot be block by some of the hero skill like Ruby skill 1 wave can't be block while Angela wave and Alucard wave can block. And lastly why Esmeralda ult can be block by Lolita shield.Esmeralda ult didn't mention her ult skill as projectiles so need to fix some adjustments lol(I know some people will disagree with this since Esme was like I will dominate the battlefield whatever but yea let's make it happen)

Dev: We've did some updates on the shield working mechanism, it would work more accurately in blocking projectiles. The next step that would be taken by us is to filter each and every skills that can be blocked, in order to make it work more logically

Suggestion: well a feedback for the suggestions we already made would be nice as well. information_desk_person::skin-tone-1‍♀️ and I think the majority of the players here want to do something with the useless fragments, bps and magic dust. Sure we’ve got a magic dust shop now for useless trial stuff again.

Dev: Thanks for your feedback, we are currently trying to improve the features of the shop. After this, we would soon add some more items in the shop.


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Nov 4, 2018
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Suggestion I can’t tell in brawl the differences between multiple vexana nether snare as they look exactly the same so add a mark to separate them

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback, this situation is indeed confusing to players, as you said. We will look into it and consider making changes in future patches to improve it.

Suggestion I'll bring this suggestion back. Improve the referee in the Custom Draft Pick modes. It's very annoying specially to streamer and youtuber when they want to have a custom match with their viewer, many player join in and referee slot is getting full but it's actually a troller. Pause button is being abused and it's getting annoying. To overcome this, I can suggest that the teammate can surrender even if the game is being paused OR EVEN BETTER IDEA. ONLY the HOST can actually pause the game and the rest referee is just looking at the match. Making this system should be not harder than it's look like, but I believe this will make the match environment better and friendly for both serious/casual player and the streamer/youtuber. (Sorry if it sound a bit harsh, but I often got trolled over this system and it's very very annoying)

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback, it is true that the abuse of the pause feature is quite annoying, we will discuss and make changing such as increasing the permissions of the host, to have the host decide whether the referee feature should be allowed.

Suggestion add Out of mana in battleground chat. Like its pretty much the only message I need.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback. Out of mana quick chat will be very helpful to teammates, we will evaulate this request and adding this feature in future updates.

Suggestion please multiply the purchase of items for the magic dust that msh any excess, or made a transfer feature magic dust, or if I may be made onsite features magic dust becomes bp or ticket, thanks

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback. There will be magic dust shop after emblems have been maxed out. You can exchange items in the shop.

Suggestion I suggest u guys may separate the win rate beetween classic match and ranked match. Because 100% win rate in classic match is different thing when it brings to the ranked match. It may cause imbalance stupid fucktard. Make win rate thing, local rank, or erverything else is not connected to each other. You play thousand times in a classic match and win them all cause classic match is full of isiot. When it comes to the pick and tires, the retarded guy shows his win rate is about 90%, turn out it all based on classic match stupid fuck. So the make this happen or else i will uninstall this stupid game !!

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback. Winrate between classic and rank mode has already been distinguished, winrate in rank actually only accounts for rank modes.

Suggestion please add 'Whisper' function So you can chat to 1 person only in game

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion. Players chatting during game may affect their gameplay, we still hope players can focus on the current battle.

Suggestion Change skill info to "out of energy" instead of "out of mana" due to fanny using energy and not mana

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion, "Out of energy" is indeed a more accurate description for Fanny. We will fix this in the upcoming version.

Suggestion I see that there is a leveling/ranking system in survival but does not appear there is any actual benefit or reward for ranking up. Should add a store or claimable rewards for this. Additionally if brawl is relatively static should do the same

Reply from Dev Thank for your feedback, we will conclude this in September, and will have related content in recent versions. Please stay tuned.

Suggestion Headless horseman Leomord and zombie theme skins for this Halloween

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion, we will discuss various game contents for Halloween, please stay tuned.

Suggestion Suggestion: as a loyal top up player of MLBB I demand the devs to put a color on Fanny’s Skylark skin cables. I just saw the effects of the new special skin of Fanny and it has a colored cable. That’s so unfair we paid 4250 dias for it with so little effects. And you pay 749 dias for a special skin which has a better effects than the time limited skin lol. That’s a huge rip off. Please rework the effects of the Skylark skin.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion, we will discuss this matter and consider optimizing her skill effect in the upcoming version.

Suggestion I had 10 kills, 1 death and 10 assists using irithel in a math at 22:54. But someone reported for negative performance and i got a credit score deduction. How is this even possible? I do have be screenshots to back it up. Poor gaming experience! Fix Credit Score Deduction System

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback. We are deeply sorry for your experience. We are already working on the logic behind reports for negative gameplay and in the process of optimizing it. Also, if you have any concerns regarding deducted credit scores, you can use the appeal system to apply for the credit scores that have been deducted.

Suggestion Game mode can be changeable when you're in a lobby, like when you have a lobby full of people and you can change it from Classic to Ranked without having to leave the lobby and inviting everyone once again. Thanks

Reply from Dev Indeed, if you are teaming up with friends and wants to play rank but already clicked into Classic mode, leaving lobby and regrouping is a hassle. We will evaluate this request and consider optimizing it in the future. Thank you for your feedback.

Suggestion It takes time to claim all the rewards, because one have to individually do that to all. If you add Claim All then it'd save a lotta time.

Reply from Dev It's true claiming daily rewards one by one is a bit time consuming, we will discuss this matter and consider improving this function, thank you for your feedback.

Suggestion If an EU player managed by EU serv get invited by players from ASIA serv, make a notice message appear : "Are you sure to join this team, you may encounter lags because the team is managed by another Server" [Yes] ¦¦[No]

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion. Currently, due to real-time detection of network quality of both parties will bring a certain burden to the players, in order to protect the players' game experience, we will pop up the corresponding message in lobby and before the matchup begins.

Suggestion I would like to suggest adding Discord for sharing game results. Current options are Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Instagram. With Discord, if I have my friends in our own server, would like to be able to share game results or like getting mvp to them

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion. We will seriously evaluate adding the function of sharing game results on Discord, and will decide based on our assessment whether or not to implement this feature.

Suggestion In the menu for readying for battle, the Avatar Borders should be visible to everybody else, because it's a cosmetic, and some may cost money to obtain, so we want to flex it.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion. We will evaluate locations to display the Avatar Borders and the effect of this feature altogether.

Suggestion Buff Saber. He's severely falling off and depends on teammates so much that he feels more like a support. Building one armor item nullifies his one shot and he can hardly fight back if they survive the Ult. Not to mention his laning capabilities along with farming speed are both low, so his early game suffers. And then there's this squishiness about him, which usually gets him killed whenever he dives for the backline. He has no mobility either. Please buff him, it's been seasons since Saber was at least an okay pick.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion. We will monitor Saber's data, and consider adjusting him based on a combination of data and performance.

Suggestion Norway still hasn't got street leaderboard yet and player is waiting for it to be open.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion, regarding Countries that do not have their own street rank, we will assess the addition of new Countries and increase their own street ranks.

Suggestion Add captain's mode in rank games

Reply from Dev After initial discussions, the devs felt that this game mode is too limited and might only be feasible when played as a 5 man team. Thus we felt that it is unable to cater to most players. However, we will continue to consider your suggestion and its implementation. Thank you for your feedback.

Suggestion Allow diamond coupons to be used when gifting skins

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback. Players should definitely be able to use discount coupons when gifting skins since they are purchased with diamonds. We will evaluate your suggestion and consider its implementation in game.

Suggestion Don't lessen the credit score on VS A.I.! Some people are playing VS AI on fun and practice. At some point, we're also doing work and need to attend to that results AFK. It's already VS A.I. are you really credit score hunger? Stop the shit.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback. In our opinion, VS A.I. mode also involves real players on your team. As some AI programs are designed with higher difficulty, AFK behaviour of certain players will have a negative effect on the gameplay experience of other players. However, we will consider implementing different levels of punishment for the various game modes such as VS A.I., Classic or Rank.

Suggestion There appears to be a small lag or delay when claiming daily tasks ever since the last patch came out, it's very small, but very annoying since we used to be able to collect them without any delay. It would be very helpful if the delay on collecting daily tasks could be fixed soon.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your feedback. We have resolved this issue.

Suggestion please make the game fit on the iPad pro 2018 11/12.9

Reply from Dev Thank you for you feedback. We will begin testing on the scaling of the game to fit this device and we will release an update in the near future for proper scaling with aforementioned device.

Suggestion Add a new Quick Chat that says “Enemy Skills on Cooldown”, Useful, even if it’s vague.

Reply from Dev We agree that having a Quick Chat option to remind teammates that enemy skills are on cool down is very helpful. For example, it can be used to alert the team that the enemy had already used flicker and is succeptible to ganks. We will evaluate and observe the practicality of such Quick Chat options. Thank you for your feedback.

Suggestion Make capability graph info and detail in history like thiss.. This should make we know what player action in game

Reply from Dev Having a capability graph when viewing the game history of a player allows the players progress to be visualised. This will allow player to have a better understanding of his capabilities. We will have further discussions regarding this. Thank you for your feedback.

Suggestion show CD of miniotaurs ult when he isnt full rage so its easier to know when you have it

Reply from Dev We agree that players find it hard to determine if Minotaur's rage mode Ult is on cooldown when not in rage mode. We will discuss if this issue can be optimised. Thank you for your feedback.

Suggestion balance the matching system

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion, we will carefully evaluate the data of the current matching system. After confirming the data, we will optimize the matching system based on the data.

Suggestion undo button is a great idea for you when you buy a wrong item but just to ensure it isn’t abused make it only appear for 10-15 seconds after purchasing an item and it can’t be used again for 1-2 minutes after being used

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion, your suggestion is actually encountered by many players during the game, we will discuss and evaluate this feature.

Suggestion Please implement a couple system where there are benefits, including couple skins, and exp/bp bonuses. Registration via BP or dias. Profiles would then include a link to their couple's profile. Available to all genders please.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your advice, the couple system makes couples more fun to play together, we will discuss the couple system and evaluate the priority of the feature.

Suggestion Please do bring back the guide making contest you held way back when Diggie was released. We need fresher guides now with new items and revamped skills.

Reply from Dev Actually, the Guide Making Contest is an event from a long time ago. We have seen the enthusiastic participation of the players, so we will discuss whether or not to reopen the Guide Making Contest, thank you for your suggestion.

Suggestion We would like to play offline mode with lan(wifi) support so that we can play it with our friends without internet connection

Reply from Dev This feature is very convenient for friends to team up, but we will further evaluate the demand for this feature, thank you for your suggestion.

Suggestion >suggest Please make a Game mode to be permanently implemented in Arcade mo just like survival .

Reply from Dev Recently, we received a lot of feedbacks similar to this one, and we can feel that players have a strong demand for a permanent arcade mode. We will evaluate and discuss this, thank you for your suggestion.

Suggestion How nice if have new method the targeting method. Now only 2 method is the lower HP first and target close first if only this 2 feature not enough for games because 1. if choose lower hp first when we attack marksman hero if have tank with lower HP appear suddenly , the targeting will change suddenly to aim tank hero 2. if choose targe close first , not very different with 1 when we attack range hero tank come more close , the targeting will change suddenly to aim tank hero or can improve hero lock mode too like we can set the hero we want targeting before the battle happen like we aim the markman/ assasin/mage first , or can expand the range of hero lock because now the range very short

Reply from Dev We noticed that the current hero avatar locking feature may be somewhat complicated and confusing in the actual 5v5 team battle. We will discuss the optimization direction of this feature and optimize it in a future update. Thank you for your suggestion.

Suggestion Fix roaming items. If there are afk players on your team, the roaming item passive, “thriving” I think it’s called,(15 gold and exp per 4 seconds if you have the least gold in your team) is useless since the afk player will always have less gold than you do. Make it so that if there is an afk player, change the passive from least amount of gold, the the second least amount of gold.

Reply from Dev Thank you for your suggestion, please report the players who went AFK, we will impose penalties on the players who are AFK. At the same time, we will consider automatically filtering the AFK players when determining the effective conditions of the equipment.

Suggestion You know Nana and Harith right. They're both Leonins. Maybe you guys should make more Leonin heroes.

Reply from Dev Nana and Harith are heroes that are loved by players. Leonin heroes are indeed really cute~ We will follow up on making heroes from the perspective of the same features as you said.

Suggestion please make it possible to Send Battle Emotes, Bundle or Solo Emotes

Reply from Dev Indeed, in the friend gifting aspect, battle emotes and bundles should also be able to be gifted to friends. We will consider optimizing this and your suggestion is very helpful, thank you.


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Nov 4, 2018
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Suggestion: Please consider to update the Western Expanse Map. It hasn't been change for almost 2 years already.

Reply from Dev: Stay tuned for the new map design

Suggestion: I just noticed theres a seperate girl streaming part of Live Streams. What is this? Remove it. What does "Girl stream" even mean. Sounds to me like you are just exposing girls to a community full of guys. To me it seems wrong. What do the girls thing have to do about this? Dont you feel like seperated from the rest? There should be Boy Streamers then, if that's the case.

Reply from Dev: We would consider optimising it

Suggestion: It's not fair that the reimbursement for a hero that you gifted to someone else is only 10k. 599 diamonds was used, yet only 10k returned. Please notify us when we gift heros to others that they already own so that it's not a waste

Reply from Dev: There is already notification in game

Suggestion: Please add an arrowhead on the hero icons to the direction our allies are facing in the minimap. This will greatly help us solo queue players since we'll be able to determine if our allies are actively going to our location so we can make a coordinated attack or just plain retreat.

Reply from Dev: We will not consider it at the moment

Suggestion: Turrets are basically just minisafe zones that dont even do anything, increase their range and attack speed

Reply from Dev: We will not consider it at the moment

Suggestion: Just fix the issue that purify don't work on Franco and Kaja, it isn't fair for those player who take purify to be immune against it and than being disappointed. Purify should be cc immun and break to all CC Skills just like francos and Kajas. And to the Franco and Kaja Player, you know yourself that this is the only reason why they are so pp, because purify don't work and it is a safe cc if you set your skill but it's unfair to all other cc based characters like Lolita.

Reply from Dev: That's the design. You may confirm whether it is stated in game at Preparation>Tutorial>Terms that the skills cannot be purified

Suggestion: Don't you guys think that it's time for tanks to have some improvisation? I mean, only a few players play the roles of a Tank(Like me). Why? First thing is, they are nothing more than a meatshield with no significant damage. Second thing is, yeah, they have a really reliable CC for team fights. But if that chance is missed, what then after that? They became a sacrificial tool on both sides. So I suggest to give tanks some Damages too, like giving some Physical or Magical Damage attribute in in-game defense items. Well, I've seen some games that have the similar role and they do good with both providing support in team clashes and to do some decent damage as well because their in-game defense items provide some damage attributes. If we hear the word Tank. What comes in our mind first? Of course, something big that can endure lots of damage but is also able to deal destructive damage only drawback is that they are slow. That's how the Tank should be. Not just some convenient meat shield for the team. And yes! It will also motivate other players to use Tanks more often and not just stuck themselves up with some Auto damage CARRY HEROES.

Reply from Dev: Stay tuned for Version 20, we would buff some tanks

Suggestion: Deathbattle mode is fun and unique because you can switch to another hero when you died. But after all the skin gathered for the purpose of cosmetics, It's kinda unfair for it to disappear and instead use normal skin after you died using the first hero and so on. Therefore make a function or system where the skin you bought will be displayed on every hero you used in Deathbattle.

Reply from Dev: That's the design

Suggestion: At the start of every month, give all players a free MCL Ticket. This gives everyone a fair chance to make it to the MPL Championship. I’m sure most of us can agree that Celestial Chest rates, for any good item (including MCL Ticket). is really bad.

Reply from Dev: That's the design. We would regularly organize events that give players MCL tickets. Besides, the tickets can be obtained from Celestial Task's chest

Suggestion: After the "Speedy version" update the game is laggy, please fix the lag associated with the speedy version.

Reply from Dev: We are optimising it from time to time.

Suggestion: It's too easy to abuse. If there's a duo or trio in your team and they agreed to report you, you get penalized. My friend just got reported by duo for "Negative Player" and she get -7 scores, she didnt type any single word, and she even get gold medal that match.

Reply from Dev: This would be fixed in future updates.

Suggestion: Make a login screen instead of forcing people to go straight into the game and playing the tutorial maybe people would wanna just relogin after downloading the game again

Reply from Dev: We will not consider it at the moment

Suggestion: Increase Belerick's Physical and Magical Defenses. Gusion has literally more Defense than him :/

Reply from Dev: We have plans on it

Suggestion: Make Valir's old default splashart/skin still be playable after he gets the Revamp. Do it like what you've done with Layla before. "Classic Malefic Gunner". Maybe Valir can also have "Classic Son of Flames"

Reply from Dev: We would consider doing so

Suggestion: Player status to be changed ( online - busy - invisible) So when u just want to go online and dont want to refuse invite from friends u just go invisible collect daily rewards ( matchup only on online status ) Busy status can invite but not receive invitation ( good for teammates push )

Reply from Dev: We will not consider it at the moment

Suggestion: Player is asking to increase the number of friends you can follow to 250
Reply from Dev: We will consider adding this feature depending on the load of the server.

Suggestion: 10 minutes game seems impossible now because pro player in mythic that team up as 3 person or 5 player can end the game less than 8 minutes . Like wtf i just started the game and 50 seconds later enemy assasin with the help of enemy tank already can kill tank in my team ? . Please give me reason to keep playing mlbb with roam item in the game .

Reply from Dev: The pace of matches are generally faster at the start of the season, but it will eventually balance out.

Suggestion: Nerf Gusion, he basically doesn't have cooldowns. He can burst so quickly and doesn't have to wait very long before he can do it again.

Reply from Dev: It's under observation.

Suggestion: seriously why never nerf him people said buy durance or deadly blade but it is not working on him still regen like f

Reply from Dev: We recommend you to buy anti regen equipment and will check if the effect is really working.

Suggestion: Player ask to bring back the mythic system to star not using point
Reply from Dev: We will make necessary changes in the 20th version

Suggestion: please add a new mode 1vs1 King,where everyone can join and get points,also before start they can chose what type of hero they can use(mage fighter..) and how to win first at 5-10 kills or base destroy

Reply from Dev: We will be developing new modes, stay tuned.

Suggestion: Solo queue player will face only other solo queue player in rank
Reply from Dev: We are not considering it at the moment

Suggestion: Like me there are lots of people who have low storage but still want to play MLBB, that's why I suggest that you should put an option where you could select the contents to download, like the skin and hero textures without the skin animations.

Reply from Dev: We are looking into it, but for now players are recommended to upgrade their storage.

Suggestion: When your teammate goes afk, but you still win, he shouldn‘t also receive the star but instead lose one.

Reply from Dev: We are looking into it.

Suggestion: Please offer ingame options to earn shards to redeem the mcl ticket . There is no easy way to get the mcl ticket unless you buy it for 20 Dias. Yes 20 Dias is not that much but it still requires diamonds to be purchased with real money. This makes it pay 2 win. Please introduce some weekly content where we can earn 10 shards which then converts to one MCL ticket. I bet it’s more fun that watermelon slice contest.

Reply from Dev: It is possible to obtain MCL entrance tickets through the celestial chest

Suggestion: Presently, Vale has a passive that gives him speed buff. However, it doesn't feed adequate to justify his status as the mage of wind. May I suggest a blink addition, or a temporary speed boost after he casts a spell? Perhaps replace his S1 with something akin to Clint's S2. A back dash.

Reply from Dev: We are currently not considering it at the moment but we may do a rework on Vale in the future.

Suggestion: Some suggestions for Helcurt’s Scorpio Zodiac Skin: - Make the skill effects more blue because the skill effects are a bit bland(like those in badang’s zodiac) - Add a sort of starry effect on the ultimate

Reply from Dev: We will look into it.

Suggestion: bring back ai on starlight. not all starlght members are vs players and had a limited time to do all that task.

Reply from Dev: We may add the feature at the 28/36th version update.

Suggestion: Alucard Legend Skin had a recall which is glitched when playing in classic or rank matches. It won't trigger on practice for some reason.

Reply from Dev: We will look into it.


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Hey devs! How come harley’s venom doesnt look the same in game and from loadout? He looks like an eggplant in game please fix it!


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Jan 20, 2020
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Please return back to legend those players in mythic rank who have a very low point. They just keep on trolling especially in rank game. It's very annoying.

One more thing, stop matching up players with winning streak to those on the lower tier. It happened to me a lot. I know you will say that we should team up with friends to have a better team composition, but it is not our fault, as a solo player, if you keep on matching us up to those trash lower-tier players. Saddest thing is that we will be against those players who are much better.
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Jul 16, 2021
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Jan Chris Arao Gile

Hi there! I just thought of an interesting concept to add in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Hope you read this.

Players are always looking for something exciting and something new, especially in the hit game MLBB. Nowadays, players have just been only anticipating the new skin releases, or new heroes and revamps. But what if we can make the game a whole lot more engaging, exciting and revolutionizing that would also boost the team playing cooperation. The Guardians concept is a complex strategy in late game. Each team will both have the chance to have their own "LORD" in the late game, namely "The Sanctuary Lord" and "The Spirit Guardian" - The sanctuary lord remains as the most powerful among the monster and can be slain by any team with the upper hand in the battle, while the Spirit Guardian is a monster second only to the Sanctuary Lord - this cannot be slain by the team who has slain the sanctuary lord - meaning the other team can summon this to boost their chances of winning. The most exciting part is that in the late game, the Guardian Concept will be invoked and one of the players in each team may have the power to summon the Sanctuary Lord and Spirit Guardian anywhere in the middle distance may it be on the middle gold lane, bottom lane or middle distance between each bases in the middle lane. To acquire the summoning power, each player must vote to whomever must have the summoning power. Out of the 5 players, a majority vote is required. In cases of equal or no vote, the player who slain the supreme monsters will have the summoning ability. The player who has the arrival spell has the advantage of the summoning power. Both the Sanctuary Lord and the Spirit Guardian can only be summoned at the third (3) turret distance. If the player with the summoning power engages with the enemy or the enemy minion or turret, the enemy can see that player in the map right? When the player with the summoning power appears on the enemy map, the summoner has an indicator (with flashing red light perhaps) and if slain - the power to summon will be transferred to the player with the highest score on the team (or maybe they can vote again?) Note: The summoning power will be effective for 30 seconds only. After that, the supreme monsters will automatically spawn from the base. This is all about strategy and cooperation. The winner of the battle will be decided if both teams summon their powerful monsters. Do they have what it takes to strategize within the 30 seconds? This concept will surely add new taste and awesome game experience to the player in a new level!

This concept is open for suggestions and modifications.

By: Jan Chris A. Gile


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Nov 14, 2021
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Senpai Kazu
My only suggestion is that... I hope there's an auto banned hero while in ranked game. Like, you just click in advanced of what hero that you want to get banned and it will appears on my teammates screen so that they aware of what Im banning... Coz sometimes in ranked game we're over confidence of being not to get chose to banned a hero. And we just leave a couple of minutes... And then after we get back it's already done banning and you didn't banned anything. Sometimes this is the start of some players to overthrow the game, mocking you, cursed you etc. And ruined the entire game.


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Jun 24, 2022
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Sierra fernandez
I have suggestion on skins, I think people should be able to trade skins yk people do get skins for a hero they don't even play as like me I would be very happy to trade my special sun skin for a lylia skin. So I think their should be. Trading system with that

Karl Darke

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Oct 11, 2023
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Karl Darke
How I miss the old sound effects of ESMERALDA, I suggest Moonton to make an update for Choosing between the old sound effects for example like Odette, Layla, Miya, Harith and others who has a same skill before but sounds had change, Playing with the old sound effects was way better than the new one! So please Moonton do something about this!