Mobile Legends Summer 2021 Limited Skins - Summer Breeze and Summer Waves

In a latest video trailer released in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official Youtube channel, it was announced that two limited summer skins are coming soon. For the year 2021, Guinevere and Zilong will have the newest summer skins.


Guinevere's skin will be named "Summer Breeze". In this skin, she is wearing a yellow-shade colored dress and a hat with blue ribbon. Her big flower bracelets are also very noticeable which is on both of her wrists.

Meanwhile, Zilong's skin will be named "Summer Waves". He is wearing cerulean swimming trunks. His weapon which is usually a spear will be replaced by a long umbrella to suit the summer theme.


A glimpse of the skill effects of those skins was also shown in the trailer. Both of the skins have a water splash effect with every use of basic attacks and skills.

Here is the video trailer for reference:

There was no date mentioned in the announcement but these skins will definitely come soon. Prepare to equip these new skins so watch out for these in-game.

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