Mobile Legends Sun New Skin - Spring Blessings Trailer and revamped event skins for 2022 New Year

Every year, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang releases a Chinese New Year skin. For 2022, this themed skin will be for the hero, Sun. Some of the previous Chinese New Year skins also received revamped and was featured in the trailer posted in the ML:BB's official YouTube channel.


The trailer started showing Sun's upcoming skin named Spring Blessings. This skin also comes with an entrance animation unlike the earlier-released skin, Aurora - Foxy Lady, that has no entrance animation and exclusive background previously. The skill effects are also optimized to make the skins have a more flashy effect in line with the theme.


Aurora - Foxy Lady not only received new entrance animation and background but also the skill effects were optimized to match the current quality of the latest skins. This skin got the most revamped among all previously-released skins with the same theme. There is also a revamped portrait and landscape wallpaper of this skin featuring the improved visuals of Aurora.


The other theme skins like Lolita - Lion Dance, Luo Yi - Dawning Fortune, and Odette - Auspicious Charm received optimized display animation and skill effects. The improvements for these skins were also shown in the trailer.

Here is the Sun Spring Blessings Skin Trailer:

There is no release date mentioned in the trailer but expect this new Sun skin to come soon. Make sure to check out this skin in-game and look for the actual effects since the trailer is made just for reference.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!