Mobile Legends Sun Rework

According to the Mobile Legends character designer Sun is getting a Rework as the fighter lacks consistent bust damage. They notice that the doppelganger isn't as effective as enemy heroes always lock on the real hero making it less useful. Below are the skills and gameplay adjustments:

Passive Simian God
Sun's passive now reduces physical defense of nearby enemies in certain percentages. Suns doppelganger will also inherit this ability allowing the effect to stack however physical defense of nearby enemies can only be reduced to 45% max when there are two doppelgangers on the battlefield.

To maximize this effect Sun can equip an item that reduces the enemies physical defense causing Suns basic attacks to deal insane damages.

Skill 1 - Endless Variety
Sun's first ability has now a new name called Endless Variety, this skill serves as a long-distance poke effect that deals a certain amount of damage to enemy units making it a great skill for laning. When this skill hits an enemy hero Sun summons a doppelganger that locks on the target enemy hero dealing continuous burst damage.

Suns ability to clear lanes have also been improved to make mid game farming much easier.

Skill 2 - Instantaneous Move
Sun locks to a designated enemy striking them with his golden staff. When this skill is activated he gains a temporary increase in movement speed which allows him to swiftly attack and pursue his target.

If you use Instantaneous Move after using Sun's Ultimate Doppelganger it will also use the skill against the enemy target unit which results in three Sun's attacking the same target.

Ultimate Skill - Clone Techniques
After the revamp the new ultimate skill only summons one doppelganger but the doppelganger is stronger than the current Sun however it has a lower defense so it will take more damage. The new ultimate skill combined with the passive skill will generate health for Sun whenever they attack.

The biggest change is when Sun summons the doppelganger the main hero disappears making enemy units unable to target Sun basically making him invisible for a limited time but will definitely protect Sun from most enemy skills

Video Breakdown

Those are the current changes what do you think?