Mobile Legends Superheroes Limited-Time Draw: Event Tasks


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Nov 4, 2018
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Complete tasks and obtain Flare-up Tokens! The Flare-up Tokens can be used to participate in the "Firebolt, Flare Up!" limited-time draw event!

Bruno's Epic Superhero Skin “Firebolt” is up for grabs! As well as other event-exclusive rewards such as Superhero Battlefield Animations, an Avatar Border, and Bruno's Sacred Statue! Call up your friends and join the Superhero fun!

Event Duration: September 19 - 21!

For players who have preordered, log in today, September 19th, to claim Flare-up Tokens used to draw in the "Firebolt, Flare Up" limited-time draw event!

Event-exclusive items such as Bruno's Superhero Skin "Firebolt", an Elimination Effect, a Recall Effect, a Respawn Effect, a Sacred Statue, an Avatar Border and more await!