Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus returns with a Bang!

One of the features of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has returned today.


The Survival: Nexus mode in Mobile Legends returned to day with a much better gameplay content than before. A lot of changes were made and added to make it more challenging for solo players or squads. Below were the details of the revamped Survival: Nexus.


The map was improved, it is much bigger and equipped with a much challenging environment. Players have more areas to scavenge and explore with enhanced loot to improve their weaponry.


There is a new vehicle system in which vehicles will no longer be summoned through “Disposable Vehicle”, instead vehicles are now scattered throughout the map though players need to be quick in acquiring this since there are only a limited number of vehicles in the improved map.


When players drop in the map, they are already equipped with a Military Blade. To improve the weaponry, killing jungle creeps or securing airdrops can be done to acquire loot that can be used to enhance weapons or has device upgrades.

weapon upgrade.jpg

Weapon Upgrades also got an “upgrade” to make it more challenging for players in the Survival: Nexus.
  • Military Blade+ - When attacking, unleashes a wave that can block bullets and make them ricochet.
  • Boomerang+ - Longer range and can be recast more frequently.
  • Submachine Gun+ - Bigger bullets deal deadly damage
  • Sniper Rifle+ - reload speed is much faster
  • Rocket Launcher+ - Stringer Slow Effect
  • Shotgun+ - Higher magazine capacity with short acceleration after every attack.
  • Gatling Gun+ - Longer Range and can change direction much faster.
Moonton has definitely made some awesome improvements to the game mode. Making it a bit more harder to survive for players, be it solo or for teams. Since Survival: Nexus is kind of similar to battle royales, players can drop anywhere on the map where they can explore or kill enemies or jungle creeps. The last person standing or last squad to survive will win the match.