Mobile Legends Survival: Nexus Tutorial – Gameplay Guide

Survival: Nexus is a modified survival mode found in the arcade mode options of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game. Players will use the hero Beatrix to fight against enemies in the map of Eruditio.


This tutorial will include the following:
  • Victory Rules
  • Map Resources
  • Survival Pressure
  • Resources Preview

Victory Rules

There will be 100 players in total that will be divided into 50 squads and only one team will win the ultimate victory.

When the teammates are alive, even if killed, you can still revive after a short delay. Fight alongside your teammates!

Map Resources

Players no longer carry fixed skills and weapons when spawned on the map thus all resources need to be obtained by exploring the map.

Kill creeps to obtain random weapons, abilities and equipment items. You can get powerful weapons and equipment by searching for air-dropped chests.


Survival Pressure

There will be a range of safe area changing over time. Players have to keep staying inside the safe area, otherwise there'll be continuous HP loss.

Entering the safe area at the right time is one of the keys to survive till the last second.

Resources Preview



  1. Military Blade
  2. Boomerang
  3. Shotgun
  4. Sniper Rifle
  5. Rocket Launcher
  6. Submachine Gun
  7. Gatling Gun (Airdrop Only)

1-Star Equipment
  1. Aircushion Shoes
  2. Hide Armor
  3. Steel Helmet
2-Star Equipment
  1. Steam Boots
  2. Carbon Fiber Armor
  3. Carbon Fiber Helmet
3-Star Equipment (Airdrop Only)
  1. Magne-Speed Boots
  2. Leviathan Technology Armor
  3. Leviathan Technology Helmet


  1. Deadly Hook
  2. Teleportation Device
  3. Minos' Trick
  4. Detonate
  5. Guardian's Barrier
  6. Random Camouflage Device
  7. Vehicle
These 7 different abilities will help you attack, defense, or transfer. Choose wisely according to the situation or your preference!

Hope this gives you an overall overview about this game mode. Gain more experience and knowledge by playing it and you might learn some more tactics and advanced strategies.

Play this game mode with your friends and tell them to read this guide first! Stay tuned for more!