Mobile Legends Talent System test ended in Advanced Server - Project NEXT update might be cancelled or postponed

Update (Sept 7 2022): Moonton cancels upcoming Talent System changes due to “negative feedback” from the community.


The team made multiple attempts to further optimize the system but was not able to solve the issues perfectly

The first advanced server patch note of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for September 2022 is Patch 1.7.16 which is released in the first week of the month. There is a message from the designers in this patch note that also mentioned the end of the test of the Talent system in Advanced Server. An official letter is also posted in the official ML: BB social media platforms about this talent system not going to be part of the September 2022 original server update. Things are still quite uncertain but here are the information from the Patch Note 1.7.16 Advance Server.

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From The Designers
In this patch, we'll end the test of the Talent System on the Advanced Server. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions during the test!

The planned upcoming Talent System might have received significant negative feedbacks and thus, the Talent System will not push through for September 2022. This is supported by the letter posted in the official ML: BB Facebook page. It is unclear though if all of the updates for the Project NEXT will be cancelled. But based on the advanced server patch note, Lesley and Gusion received additional adjustments so their revamps might continue and still be implemented by this month. This might mean only the Talent System will be cancelled or postponed but the other announced Project NEXT updates might push through. Here are the new adjustments to Lesley and Gusion just based on the Patch 1.7.16 Advance Server patch note.

[Lesley] (~)

Slightly buffed her laning ability but nerfed her sustained damage in the late game. We also optimized the game feel of some of her skills.

[Attributes] (↓)
Base Attack: 131 >> 140
Attack Growth: 9 >> 7
Attack Speed Ratio: 100% >> 80%

[Passive] (↑)
Fixed an issue where some equipment can not benefit bonus Crit Chance from this skill

[Skill 1] (↑)
Fixed an issue where some equipment can not benefit bonus Attack from this skill

[Skill 2] (↑)
Optimized the game feel of the following enhanced Basic Attack

Optimized the game feel of the following skill 1

[Other] (↑)

Slightly increased the bullet speed of Basic Attack and Ultimate


[Gusion] (↓)

Slightly nerfed the damage of his Passive and adjusted his HP Regen logic

[Passive] (↓)
Damage per stack: 5% of target's lost HP >> 4%
HP Regen: 80% of his damage >> 50 per stack + 25% Magic Power (up to 4 stacks)

Fixed an issue where enhanced Basic Attack can't be triggered in certain situations.

There might be additional announcements and updates from Moonton so stay tuned and check the official social media platforms of ML: BB. Aside from the letter, there might be a video about the upcoming original server update to clarify what are the things that are cancelled or postponed and the things that will be implemented in the global server. It is also uncertain if it also means the regular monthly update for this month will be cancelled but is improbable due to the ranked season resetting before the month ends.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!