Mobile Legends Tank Offlane Guide - Which tanks to use

Tank used as offlaners started to get popular in the season 5 of Mobile Legends Professional League. This was proven effective by pro teams. In this guide, good offlaners tank will be listed and explained how will they be successful to help increase the chance of winning games.

What are the characteristics of a good tank offlaner?
  • Fast clear wave
  • Can defend against tower dives and tank damage
  • Has high mobility

Which tanks possess those characteristics?

The following are some of the best tanks that is perfect to do the offlaner role:

1. Uranus

He is the best for this role. His very high HP Regeneration helps him to never leave the lane and always have enough HP. He can clear waves fast using skill 1 and he can even scare enemies away since it also deals a good amount of damage. He has high mobility to cut lane and escape. He can switch from offlane to location of teamfights then back to offlane.

A special offlane guide and a beginner's guide for Uranus was also previously posted in this site. Make sure to also read those to know more about Uranus.

2. Baxia

Baxia also excels because of his skill 1 which provides very high mobility. His skill 2 helps to clear waves fast. He is also tanky because of his passive that reduces the damage he receives.

3. Grock

Grock is already known to possess a very fast clear wave capability. He can also scare enemies who are trying to clear the lane. Thanks to his passive, he is very tanky when he is near the wall. He also moves faster and gets higher HP Regeneration by triggering his passive.

4. Belerick

Belerick can clear lanes fast because of his skill 1 and skill 2. He can defend against tower dives. When an enemy dives into the turrets range, Belerick can cast his ultimate skill then taunt the target using skill 1 and sustain his health using skill 2. The target will be immobilized then be taunted. By this time, the turret will attack the target too because even if it is denying Belerick when he used ultimate skill, the taunt will force the target to attack Belerick and that is the time where the turret will attack the target. Belerick can also clear waves fast using ultimate skill which also deals damage along with skill 1. You can survive long because you have skill 2 to deal damage and inflict slow effect plus it regenerates your HP. The lower your HP, the higher it regenerates.

What are the advantages of using this tactic?

1. The enemy marksman will have a lower chance to be fed.

You will more likely face the marksman since you will be going to solo defend top lane while your teammates will go to the lanes near the buffs. Compared to a fighter defending the lane, you will be harder to kill making it trickier for the enemy marksman to farm in your lane.

2. Your top lane defense will be stronger.

You just need to dominate another lane to gain bigger map control and control of the game. The bottom lane is probably at your advantage too since it will be 2v1. In midlane, if you have a faster clear wave while having a good range, you will dominate it. Overall, you will be strong on all 3 lanes if your draft is good.

3. Bait

You can use your tank offlaner to waste enemy skills on you just like how Uranus does it. Also, if enemies concentrate on that lane, you can back up and the moment reinforcements arrive, enemy skills are already in cooldown so it should be an advantage.

4. Tanks will be more useful and effective

This will then result to higher chance to win teamfights. It resulted from the higher gold and experience that you will get in offlane. The tank will probably be solo and will share the gold and xp from minion waves to no one. That is why even if equipped with roam item, the tank will build items faster and will be more effective in teamfights. Every assists will make the tank gain more gold when equipped with roam item.

These reasons are just some of the best that could convince you that this tactic is really effective and your squad should study and use this tactic to increase chance of winning not only in ranked games, but also in amateur or professional tournaments.

I hope you learned something in this guide.


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Apr 8, 2020
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Atlas also has some decent wave clear. Although you need magic items to burst an enemy, so long as your team is ganking it should take care of the situation. He probably has the best cc skill in the mean time. The only counter to him is purify, wanwan's 2nd skill, and diggie and uranus' ult. But nonetheless, probably the best tank rn.