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May 1, 2019
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Tank Picking Guide: Know what's the best tank to use in every situation! By: AdminGanda

Introduction: Naging Mythic ako dahil sa tank kaya medyo mapagkakatiwalaan niyo ko dito. Most of our readers knew that I am a good Belerick User at basta may magaling akong carry hero na kasama, most of the time ay panalo.

AdminGanda's Tank Classifications

This Classifications is based on my opinion and experience
  • Flex Tank
  • Secondary Tank
  • Primary Tank
  • Situational Tank
Let's begin with Flex Tanks.

(MLTL&G Dictionary)
Flex Tank means it is a tank that can be used in every situation.

Example nito ay sina Grock, Minotaur, and Akai na madalas makita sa Tournament.

Grock is a Flex Tank because you can use him offensively and defensively. An Assassin Grock is as deadly as a Lapu-Lapu Semi-Tank Build. Grock is also very tanky in any situation. He specializes in fast wave clearing and his signature "wall".

Minotaur is a Flex Tank that has a Good CC skill which is a counter-initiate skill. What I mean is his ultimate skill in Rage Mode. He is also very tanky.

Akai is a Flex Tank because he is like a combination of the offense of an Assassin Grock and CC of Rage Mode Minotaur. A bit lower power of course yet it is quite good to be a combination of those two META Tanks.

All Flex Tanks are also considered as a Primary Tank.

(MLTL&G Dictionary)
Primary Tank is a Tank that is tanky enough to be a lone tank and damage soaker in a team.

Here are other Primary Tanks aside from the Flex Tanks:

Belerick is somehow a Situational Tank and even a Flex Tank because he is quite good against physical damage dealers (especially Claude), and magic damage dealers (the best tank to counter Lunox). After reworked, his first skill is a AoE CC. His ultimate skill makes him a primary damage soaker because of its damage reduction effect.

Tigreal is considered a Primary Tank because he can zone enemies out and CC them with his second plus ultimate skill combo. He is also tanky and to maximize his capabilities, use him when there are 3 or more heroes that relies on basic attack.

Note: Lolita is still better than Tigreal in my opinion. Yet, if you are still not comfortable using Lolita, use Tigreal in Ranked Games while you are practicing Lolita in Classic Mode.

Moving on to the Secondary Tanks!

(MLTL&G Dictionary)
Secondary Tank is a Tank that is not tanky enough to be a lone tank and damage soaker in a team. They are not as tanky as primary tanks.

Khufra is considered as a Secondary Tank because he is squishy when his passive is not utilized well by its user.

Use Khufra when there are two or more heroes that relies on Blink Skills like Chou, Harith and Leomord.

Franco is obviously a secondary tank. He is not that Tanky but his hook is deadly. In my opinion, Franco is replaceable because Minsitthar Tank Build is better than him in the current META.

Uranus is also a secondary tank because he only lasts teamfights because of his high sustainability especially from HP Regen. He is also replaceable since a primary tank and a semi-tank fighter is better than having a Uranus and a fighter or primary tank, again, just in my opinion.

Hilda and Balmond are also considered as secondary tanks but they are more of a Fighter than a Tank.

Now to the most important part and thing to learn: About Situational Tanks

Situational Tank is a Tank that is best used in specific situations. They are better to use than Primary and Secondary Tanks, sometimes even than Flex Tanks, in certain situations.

Gatotkaca is a Situational Tank because of his passive that counters physical damage. He is like Belerick but Belerick is better in absorbing Magic and True Damage than Gatotkaca.

Take note: Must use when the enemies has 3 or more high physical damage dealers.

Johnson is also a situational tank against physical damage dealers. His build should focus on armor because his skill set also relies on that stat.

Take note: Must use when the enemies has 3 or more high physical damage dealers.

Lolita is a situational tank because her second skill denies all projectile attacks.

Take note: Must use when the enemies has 3 or more projectile and basic attack reliant heroes. A Counter to Harley's first skill and marksmen.

The last but not the least is Hylos.

Hylos is a situational tank because he is best against Magic Damage and even Critical Damage and Melee Heroes because Dominance Ice is one of his core items.

Take note: Must use when the enemies has 3 or more heroes that is Melee or requires them to be near you to deal damage.