Mobile Legends Terizla Flames of Judgment skin preview

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One of the most anticipated skins is finally arriving in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game’s global server. Ever since the hero, Terizla, has returned to be a top EXP laner used in the highest competitive scene of the MLBB Esports, many players have been waiting for Terizla “Flames of Judgment” skin. This skin is expected to be a buyable skin with a high rarity skin tier and the game finally posted a teaser for the skill effects preview of this skin.


The skin preview is posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel. It started with showing Terizla’s entrance animation with this skin. Terizla - Flames of Judgment transforms the hero into looking more fierce, emitting vibes of being a ruler of a certain area. As the name of the skins implies, the skills effects are full of flames as shown in the skill effects demonstration. His skill 1 proc and skill 2 will have fiery splash effects that are on par with the skill effects of the recently-released SPARKLE skin line. With the optimized effects of his ultimate skill, players will have a visual feast as they would appreciate more the pulling effects animation of this skin.

Here is the official skin preview of Flames of Judgment:

There is no date of release mentioned in the preview but the in-game’s patch notes mentioned that the scheduled release of this skin is on April 17, 2024, MLBB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). The patch notes also revealed that this will be an Epic tier skin that is buyable in the Shop for 899 diamonds. It is also expected to be 30% OFF in its launch week.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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