Mobile Legends Test Server reverted nerfs to Yve and Valentina; More nerfs for Karrie after M4

It's been around just a few days after the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship ended. The top heroes like Karrie, Yve, and Valentina immediately received nerfs after the Group Stage because of the sheer dominance they showed in the highest competitive tournament. Those nerfs from the previous week doesn't seem appropriate and thus, here are some more set of rebalancing of heroes thats includes nerf reversion for Yve and Valentina, more nerfs to Karrie, and a Lapu-Lapu nerf.


1. Yve and Valentina re-adjustments

The last round of nerfs hit Yve hard, so the game developers/designers decided to revert some of the changes.

Yve [Ultimate] (↑)
Cooldown: 65-55s >> 58-50s

The last round of nerfs also hit Valentina hard, so they also decided to revert some of the changes to her.

Valentina [Ultimate] (↑)
Cooldown: 70-60s >> 55s

Fixed an issue where the actual cooldown didn't match what was shown.

The cooldown of their ultimate skill was buffed again to a more reasonable amount. The cooldown scaling on Valentina's ult was removed while on Yve, it was buffed but the scaling was also readjusted accordingly.


2. Lapu-Lapu nerf

Lapu-Lapu counters enemies backline enemies much better than other Fighters, so they nerfed his burst damage slightly.

[Enhanced Ultimate] (↓)
Base Damage of First Two Hits: 380-580 >> 345-545

The base damage of his enhance ultimate skill received a 35 pt reduction while the damage scaling remains the same on the first two hits. From 380/480/580, the scaling looks like this now: 345/445/545.


3. Karrie

The last round of nerfs didn't meet the expectations. The aim of the nerfs should be to bring Karrie's damage more in line with other Marksmen.

[Passive] (↓)
Damage: 8% of target's Max HP >> 6-8% of target's Max HP

[Ultimate] (↓)
Basic Attack Damage: 60%-70% Total Physical Attack >> 50%-70% Total Physical Attack

Basic Attack's Attack Effect: 60%-70% >> 50%-70%

The passive is nerfed again by giving back the scaling but now, with lower starting damage. Her ultimate skill also received additional nerf for her early to mid game damage output.

These are the adjustments to the top M4 heroes brought by the latest advance server patch note, just a few days after the M4 Grand Finals. These changes are expected to be implemented in the official server in the next patch update. Other hero adjustments and testing are expected to be done aside from the changes stated above.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!