Mobile Legends The Aspirants Mecha Maiden Ruby and Cyber Cherubin Angela Draw Event and other Resources

The Aspirants returns featuring the new skins for the heroes, Ruby and Angela. Along with this skins are resources like Battle Emotes, Recall animations, and Elimination Effects. The skins and the other resources are available in The Aspirants theme events and here are some of the things players need to know.


In The Aspirants Draw Event, players need to collect the Orb of Hopes in-game resource. These Orb of Hopes will be used in a minigame in the draw event. The prize in this minigame is another in-game resource called Terrinia Box. This Terrinia Box contains one of the two exclusive skins (Mecha Maiden or Cyber Cherubin). Players need to hit a Terrinia Box three times in order to obtain and open that same box they hit thrice. Players can get one Orb of Hope every 10 draws.


Using diamonds, players can use 210 diamonds for the first draw and a 1x draw has a 50% discount every day for the first draw of the day. For the 10x draw, the first 10x draw will be discounted by 50%. A guaranteed unowned Epic skin can be obtained in the first 10x draw. The draw event will last until January 5, 2023.

There is another event called Aspirants Unite Special Bonus. This event can be found in the Events tab in which there will be a section where players can exchange Battle Suit Fragments for a Recall animation, Avatar Border, Battle Emote, or more. This is different from the draw event and in order to collect Battle Suit Fragments, there are also tasks to be done which can be found in the same events tab.


Read the rules in-game in order to learn more about this event. There might also be more announcements from Moonton in order to get free draws. Check out their official social media platforms for official announcements about ML: BB.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!